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The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity

30 Apr

America, Home of the Camel Clutch or Action Figures With Multiple Points of Articulation This is more of a “notes on” than a full review of Kristoffer Diaz’s Pulitzer short-listed The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity at Mixed Blood Theatre, as the show closes this weekend, and so I doubt that this will sway anyone […]

M. Butterfly

27 Apr

“Ah!- You Find it Beautiful” or The Not-Quite-So-Happy Show “The idea of representation is a theatrical one: The Orient is the stage on which the whole East is confined. On this stage will appear figures whose role it is to represent the whole larger whole from which they emanate.” -Edward Said, Orientalism, 1978 The stage […]

Shameless Self Promotion: Minneapolis New Breed

25 Feb

Opening tonight, step right up, step right up! At the fabulous Southern Theatre, The Minneapolis New Breed, wonder of all wonders, three young companies, three provocative and sexy groups all on one joint bill for the first time ever! Not to be missed! SuperGroup will live up to their name! Mad King Thomas will issue […]

Romeo and Juliet

14 Jan

Men’s Eyes Were Made To Look, So Look Someplace Else or Wherefore? No Seriously, Wherefore? First it has to start with an apology- I am sorry that I included the Guthrie/Acting Company production of Romeo & Juliet on the list of recommended shows for this winter season. I only hope that by attending early and […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Spirits of the Red City

31 Dec

You’ll notice on Staciaann’s 2009 show list that the first show there, and one of the highlighted favorite shows, is Spirits of the Red City at the Bryant-Lake Bowl. That was a special show, an intimate venue with crowded stage that the octet of musicians managed to make feel as though it contained their own […]

A Dozen Bits of Writing to Ring Out the Year

31 Dec

Gorram end of year, stupid list making end-of the-decade hoo-hah, makes this curmudgeon sit and spit and spin large yarns and look back in reminiscences, adhering to the tyranny of the Julians and journalistic fabrications that make years easily delineated into digestible decades and here we are again and what the cuss have we learned […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Martini & Olive

30 Dec

There is something noble amongst actors, that the hoary old chestnut about the show going on is not just for the sake of the audience, but also to the fellow company-members. Such was the situation that Judy Heneghan found herself in at Thanksgiving, when Grant Richey, her long-time partner in the holiday-70s-disco-kitsch extravaganza Martini & […]

Foxy Tann’s Beaverdance!

14 Dec

“Hello Capitalist Tools!” or Waiter, There’s a Song in My Soup I am not an unbiased supporter of Bedlam Theatre (although I can still be a clear-headedly critical one). I laugh too loud there, have spent a bunch at their bar in the past and might be featured in an online fundraising video, but that’s […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Holiday Theatre Picks

3 Dec

This picture has nothing to do with holiday theatre, but was tagged “theatre” because the show was at the Varsity and should inspire you to be grateful about your life. That said, in the tradition of generosity and goodwill (directly in opposition to the wishes of Mother Nature that people be miserly humbugs hibernating alone […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Sally Wingert

17 Oct

Early (by late-night writer standards) one rainy morning, I put in a call to Sally Wingert, which was sweeter and more refreshing than any Earl Grey and honey. She, as anyone who has watched her on stage or worked with her I am sure can attest to, was incredibly gracious and witty and I went […]