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M2: Mayakovsky & Marinetti

22 May

2009 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Futurism, the Italian avant-garde movement dedicated to breaking brutally away from the past and into a high-speed mechanical and industrial future. 2010 makes it 85 years since Sergei Eisenstein, the visionary Russian film director, released The Battleship Potemkin, a work that revolutionized film by the use […]

The Happy Show

30 Apr

At Least There Was a Meal or I Got To Be a Train! Here is the requisite truth-in-reporting caveat- I was having a trying day on Thursday before I headed over to Bedlam Theatre to catch the opening of Live Action Set’s The Happy Show. I was not a happy camper. I was in need […]

Shameless Self Promotion: Welcome To Dystopia

12 Mar

I have admired the Four Humors Theater company since they blew me away with their Fringe show Bards at the Southern in 2007. Seriously, a noir gutterpunk Shakespearean spy thriller with the music of Wu Tang sung in English madrigal harmony? Ridiculous, and awesome. Their work doesn’t disappoint and Lamb Lays with Lion shared the […]


6 Feb

“It Will Break Your Heart And Put It Back Together Again” or Temporary Autonomous Zones Set To Music If you already love RENT, you don’t need convincing. If you have ever doubted that the Twin Cities has fabulously talented actors working today, this show will lay those to rest. If you worry that $49 is […]

Bedlam 20.10Fest IDEATHON

19 Jan

Three years ago, looking for a challenge and some non-traditional theatre in the Twin Cities, I showed up to the group audition for the Bedlam Theatre Community 10 Minute Play Festival. I remember it being a wild, loosey-goosey affair, with lots of actors and non-actors, games being played, bits of scripts thrown around and presented […]

The Thing

19 Jan

I Love You Even Though We Fight or Other Writers Are Better Than Me There’s a particular moment of realization, no that’s a stupid lede, attempting to link together a personal memory blah blah blah I did this you feel this and we’re all connected. But it’s true. I am sitting in a hotel room […]

Shameless Self Promotion: The Black Arts

14 Jan

Lamb Lays with Lion is excited to be a part of the Singled Out Festival of Emerging Artists at the Guthrie Theatre, along with local companies Four Humors, Sandbox Theatre and the New Theatre Group. Lamb Lays with Lion will be premiering The Black Arts, tackling the hard rock magic shows of Criss Angel in […]

Romeo and Juliet

14 Jan

Men’s Eyes Were Made To Look, So Look Someplace Else or Wherefore? No Seriously, Wherefore? First it has to start with an apology- I am sorry that I included the Guthrie/Acting Company production of Romeo & Juliet on the list of recommended shows for this winter season. I only hope that by attending early and […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Winter Theater Picks

7 Jan

Time once again to to get over our winter of discontent and see some shows, and once again, time to opine as to what shows to get out into the bitterness to see. This piece for the A.V. Club has the recommendations but there were a couple that didn’t make the list for reasons of […]

Samurai Are Pretty Awesome

4 Jan

It seems like a fully self evident thing to write, that not only are samurai pretty awesome, but their awesomeness is timeless and epic. We are lucky enough to have not one but two awesome bits of samurai-related news to share here. The Star Tribune reported in mid-December that the Minneapolis Institute of Arts had […]