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Tapes ‘n Tapes

30 Sep

Walk Around the Block or Bowl Cuts for Jesus! When Tapes ‘n Tapes released their debut album The Loon in 2005, the blog-fueled internet buzz helped propel the record to critical and commercial success- the record was widely released on XL Records in 2006. Blogs saw it as self-validation, and T’nT made the most of […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Fringe Picks

30 Jul

The 16th Annual Fringe Festival opened tonight, and so the time has come to see lots of strange theater in a very condensed period of time. So condensed, in fact, that everybody offers up opinions as to what to see and help the poor lost soul trying to get from the Gremlin Theater in St. […]

Cirque du Soleil’s KOOZA

9 Jul

While watching a Cirque du Soleil show, it’s sometimes difficult to detach to a point of reflection – Cirque is the stage version of an action movie where lots of stuff blows up and there are a few obligatory “romance” scenes to hold your senses at bay and let you recover in order to send […]

Picking Up Crumbs: No Doubt

6 Jul

Staciaann was on assignment last night for City Pages to shoot the No Doubt concert at the Xcel Energy Center and they definitely put on a show. The band was incredibly energetic, bouncing so much that video may have been more appropriate to capture the action than still frames. Still, the level of interaction between […]

Gospel Gossip EP Release

29 Jun

Gospel Gossip officially released their Dreamland EP (Guilt Ridden Pop) last Friday night, the middle show of a two-day, three-show extravaganza. Earlier in the day Friday the trio played at Carleton College in Northfield where they met and they closed it out with an all-ages freebie at Treehouse Records on Saturday. The Turf Club show […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

13 May

cas and Staciaann got up close and personal with the Boss on Monday night at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. You can read the Decider recap here. Notes From a Near-Conversion or Bruce and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance The whole endeavor was inspired by CakeIn15 friend and contributor Alexa, who is totally […]

Rock Photog Bob Gruen at the Current’s Fakebook

16 Apr

Bob Gruen is a guy- don’t call him a dude, “I lasted two days in LA. Yeah, fly in rent a convertible, but the minute somebody called me ‘dude’…”- a guy who showed up at all the right times to meet the right people to take their pictures and carve musicians as heroes into our […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Andrew Bird At The Current

13 Apr

While not able to attend Andrew Bird‘s sold-out State Theater show Saturday night (by all accounts marvelous) CakeIn15 did jaunt over the river to St. Paul to catch the intimate performance by Bird & Co. at the UBS Forum in The Current‘s studios.  Check out the recap and photos on Decider here.  Of particular interest […]

Sometimes, I get weird press releases

28 Jan

This can probably go into my “what the hell” book immediately. WHIPLASH THE COWBOY MONKEY TO BE KNIGHTED BY WINTER CARNIVAL ROYALTY AS WORLD’S TOUGHEST RODEO OFFICIALLY WELCOMED TO TOWN WHO: Whiplash The Cowboy Monkey, a lovable 22-year old Capuchin monkey with the World’s Toughest Rodeo, dressed in cowboy hat and chaps. WHEN: Thursday, Jan. […]

Staciaann’s 2008 Show List

4 Jan

Yup, I go to a lot of live music. I keep track of it so I remember when I saw it. I started doing this in late 2006, and my list has grown each year. Each year I vow to see more new bands, more local music, and continue to keep up with what’s going […]