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What You Missed: A Bunch of Animals at the Turf Club

13 Dec

It was a music menagerie at the Turf Club Friday night, with animals in every band name and a happy hungry crowd of interesting creatures milling about to make a night of it. Bethany Larson & The Bee’s Knees released their Sticks And Stones debut record (which we reviewed here) with the support of the […]

We Are The Willows Ticket+CD Giveaway

19 Nov

Photo by Jeremiah Satterthwaite via MySpace Minneapolis-based band We Are The Willows keep some pretty sweet company- they are with Amble Down Records & Management, home of Bon Iver and The Daredevil Christopher Wright. Their debut record, A Collection of Sounds and Something Like the Plague officially drops on Tuesday the 24th, but the band […]

Video Premiere- The Mad Ripple “Death Bed Bride”

16 Nov

If you ever sat in the basement of Java Jack’s, this is one of the songs that is part of the orthodox canon of the Mad Ripple Hootenanny tunes, along with Brianna Lane‘s “Porchlight” and Stook!‘s “A Song Is More Then Just A Song”, “Death Bed Bride” is part of the liturgy of the Hoot, […]

Video Premiere: P.O.S. “Never Better”

30 Oct

Alright, so it came out a couple days ago on yo olde interwebs, which is an eon in the history of the tubes, so we weren’t going to post this, but then Kanye went and did it, so now we feel like we have to, if only as a segue to this interchange that took […]

Video Premiere: No Bird Sing “Devil Trombones”

18 Oct

Earlier in the year, I sat down with MC Eric Blair and drummer Graham O’Brien of No Bird Sing to interview them for City Pages regarding their eponymous debut. One of the things that they were most excited about was the video for “Devil Trombones”, an old-school, hand-drawn stop motion affair put together by O’Brien’s […]

This Is Not For You

14 Oct

Some Of The Best Things Happen in Secret or Wolf Like Me Full disclosure: Staciaann from CakeIn15 shot the cover art and promotional photos for Peter Wolf Crier and cas is a founding member of the theatre company Lamb Lays with Lion, of which This Is Not For You director Jeremey Catterton is Artistic Director. […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Reckless Ones

20 Aug

A while back we posted up this kick-ass video for “Dead and Gone” by Twin Cities rockabilly trio Reckless Ones. These guys are all young guns, but also experienced, coming out of outfits like horror rockers Treehouse Bordello and the experimental collective Plastic Chord. They were kind enough to forward over their new disc Make […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Northern Howl

5 Aug

Take a young band of indie-folkie nomads and some older musicians looking for a new challenge and what do you get? Northern Howl the band and Rest + Noise the record label. Rest + Noise is the project of The Wars of 1812‘s Bobby Maher and Barnes & Noble co-manager Ryan Potts and they signed […]


24 Jul

Dropped this iPod on the Trail or Beards of Glory The beard has a tenuous place in American history. The only famous president to have one was Lincoln, so that was a good thing, but he was shot, so that was not. Coca-Cola’s Santa Claus has one and he is unreproachable as the paragon of […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Eyedea & Abilities “By The Throat”

22 Jul

This seems to be the summer that I write about Eyedea & Abilities. Which is alright, because there is plenty to write about (believe me, the surface has just been scratched) and also because the record is so damn good. How good, you may ask? “With By the Throat, Eyedea & Abilities claim their position […]