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Video Premiere: P.O.S. “Purexed”

14 Jul

Rhymesayers Entertainment keeps on releasing those videos from P.O.S.‘s manic week of filming for the Never Better record. This video is fourth of six out there and stars South Minneapolis, Uptown and fans at a garage party just about as much as Stef Alexander himself.“Purexed” was the key to the album as a whole when […]

Picking Up Crumbs: City On The Make Interview

2 Jul

City on the Make are about to drop Keep This on Fire, their second full-length record and the follow up to last year’s critically acclaimed $1,000,000 EP. If you haven’t already heard by now, you need to see this band. They are a monster live, they breath fire, they are acrobats and clowns, it’s a […]

Double EP Review!

2 Jul

Pick up a copy of City Pages this week and you’ll find two EP reviews from yours truly. In print! Remember that thing? Thought not. Whatever. Bloggers are just jealous anyway that their work won’t get scrapbooked home to Mom or left in a public restroom. ‘Cause who’s gonna leave their Macbook in a Port-O-Potty? […]

Gospel Gossip EP Release

29 Jun

Gospel Gossip officially released their Dreamland EP (Guilt Ridden Pop) last Friday night, the middle show of a two-day, three-show extravaganza. Earlier in the day Friday the trio played at Carleton College in Northfield where they met and they closed it out with an all-ages freebie at Treehouse Records on Saturday. The Turf Club show […]

Video Premiere: Here We Go Magic “Fangela”

16 Jun

Here We Go Magic‘s set may have been my favorite part of the Grizzly Bear show two weeks ago at the Cedar Cultural Center. It was certainly the liveliest part, not perfect by any means, but more endearing for the imperfection, awash in warm, well-meaning psychedelia. Luke Temple’s outfit are definitely benefiting from the exposure […]

The Alarmists: Disclosures For The Hollow Men

15 Jun

There are reasons that I shouldn’t write this. Chris Riemenschneider got the dirt and Andrea Swensson nailed the new record, The Overhead Left. After the release party at the Varsity last Friday, I guess that leaves me poetry, and history. Because of those two things, there is nothing that I can say here that would […]

Video Premiere: City On The Make “Chicks on Bikes”

10 Jun

If it’s ever gonna come, summer’s gonna come grinding in like a fixie skidding in sideways. ‘Til then, City on the Make will make you reminisce with this totally Super 8 and Super 80s looking vid for “Chicks on Bikes”. Reminisce and look forward- the crew has a new record being pressed right now with […]

Eyedea & Abilities Are Back!

20 May

Attending Highland Park Senior High School right around the turn of the millennium, Eyedea’s battle talent was hallway legend, a little silver screen shine in dull linoleum and lockers. Eyedea & Abilities’ 2001 record First Born kept me company out in Los Angeles and was a better philosophical humanity primer than 101 Mythology classes I […]

Rhymesayers put a mayor on a minor

13 May

Rhymesayers Entertainment announced May 8th that they would be creating a new imprint to showcase up-and-coming independent talent. Which is a bold thing, since Rhymesayers was formed not too long ago to give up-and-coming independent talent a home to begin with. Shows how far they’ve come. So do the hordes of kids holding up When […]

Wild on the West Bank

9 May

West Bank.  Tonight. Seriously, this is ruckus.  This is all kinds of mad swinging, arms in the air chanting, sweet harmonies, rhythm hoodoo sweat getting real rowdy and dance and pray we all live.  Watch your back, there’s music out there tonight. Jeremy Messersmith with KaiserCartel at the Cedar Cultural Center Messersmith has been nigh […]