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Public Consumption Art Drop

1 Jan

Public Consumption, a project by the Rogue Citizen artist collective, was supposed to result in a sudden and mysterious drop of 40 works of art in public places today. If you are bummed that you couldn’t find any of the pieces around town though, don’t worry that you’ve missed out. After winning funding for the […]

Merry Christmas…

24 Dec

…Here’s some health insurance reform! Lord know it ain’t perfect and is lacking in those sweeping reforms that might have been included (proving, once again, that business bottom-lines trump populist rage in this country- how do you think Dick Clark stays popular?) Still, as the Senator Klobuchar says, it is “an important step forward,” mainly […]

With Liberty and Justice…

3 Dec

Yesterday, the New York State Senate failed to pass an amendment that would have opened up marriage rights and equality to same-sex partners. The 38-to-24 was not only split along party lines, with all 30 Republicans voting against the bill, but also split between urban and upstate New York, the New York Times reports. Although […]

MN AIDS Walk and Sexing It Up

12 Nov

Christian-Philippe Quilici of posts what amounts to an op-ed calling on to question the sexy new ad campaign for MN AIDS Walk. The new AIDS Walk promotional materials feature glossy videos of buffed men talking in stilted terms about the importance of safe sex practices. Here is Alex’s behind-the-scenes video: The problem, as Quilici […]

Veterans Day

11 Nov

Dulce et Decorum Est Wilfred Owen, France 1917 Bent double, like old beggars under sacks, Knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge, Till on the haunting flares we turned our backs And towards our distant rest began to trudge. Men marched asleep. Many had lost their boots But limped on, blood-shod. All went lame; […]

Ten Thousand Things’ “Othello”

4 Nov

Raw Shakespeare or Post-Nothing Photo courtesy Ten Thousand Things There is something to the style of a Ten Thousand Things production- with the lights up, seated in a circle, with actors and audience in plain view- that is as much group therapy as it is theatre. The immediacy of text and action presented in the […]

Ranked Choice Voting

3 Nov

It is election day today, and though there is nothing as sexy as the fate of the free world hanging in the balance (except for maybe Amendment 168 that would dissolve the Board of Estimate and Taxation in Minneapolis and shift tax-levying power to the City Council- read for it here and against it here) […]

Leibovitz Shoots Obamas

24 Oct

Their family portrait, that is. Nothing like Hinkley shooting Reagan. Except this time Jodie Foster might actually be impressed. It’s not the first time Leibovitz has pictured the President, she shot a portfolio from the campaign trail for Vanity Fair, and even then we should have known to pay attention.


15 Oct

Standing and talking with Jay Gabler and Sheila Regan of TC Daily Planet at the Pezzettino house party last night, Jay proposed something of a quantum theory to explain the behavior of arts in the Twin Cities- the wide range of artists with imagination plus the variety of performance spaces available multiplied by willing collaborators […]

Das Racist vs. The New Yorker

3 Sep

As much as I love The New Yorker, it would be great to see them be a magazine about rap and jewels. And Victor Vazquez‘s conception of a world without racism is like a heaven where all the same things happen, but more conveniently and with wings. What the hell am I talking about? Find […]