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Shameless Self-Promotion: The Ship Is A Destination, Caroline

1 Jan

Welcome to 2010, and it only seems fitting that the first post of the new year is an invitation to an evening of music, performance and art in order to support a couple wonderful artists. Dancer Anna-Marie Shogren and visual artist Margaret Coleman have been accepted to an artist residency in Skagastron, Iceland, to make […]

Better late than never – Staciaann’s local music playlist from Grumpy’s

27 Dec

Unknown Prophets – Summer Heat Replacements – Can’t Hardly Wait Romantica – Break II Beatifics – In The Meantime Alva Star – Thing For Me Jayber Crow – O My God When I Drop Dead The Alrights – Getting Ready For Love City On The Make – Fake ID The Monks – Complication Tapes N […]

What To Do Tonight: Minnesota Music Mondays

21 Dec

Once long ago, in days of yore, music geeks gathered from far and wide at the Nomad World Pub for the “Spins”. Sponsored by, the Spins was a chance to throw on a geek-selected playlist, have a drink and talk music, do funny things and chill out. The Spins are no more, merely a […]

What To Do Tonight: Toys In The Attic at SooVac

4 Dec

Sneak Peak Print from Cory Tobin ‘Tis the season for toy drives, but here is one that we’ve been to, we like, and think is totally worth going to, especially if you want your generosity mixed with a dash of hot local art, a sweet soundtrack and good looking people. The annual Toys In The […]

Shopping on Nicollet Thursday & Friday

29 Oct

Having lived on or around Nicollet for the better part of 3 years, Eat Street has a special place in my heart, as a scrappy little neighborhood that has some great shopping and better food. The stores and restaurants up and down Nicollet between Franklin and 28th are offering up some sweet deals because, well, […]

Greg Gossel at SooVAC

23 Oct

The Concrete Pour of Culture or We’re Gonna Die, Let’s Make Art Standing in Greg Gossel‘s show Broken on view through November 29th, half the fun is counting the references. The pulpy, cartoon women in his works dial a direct line to Roy Lichtenstein, the newspaper images blown up and silkscreened throughout the show are […]

Picking Up Crumbs: GWAR

16 Oct

GWAR!!! Seriously, before you make any Empire Records jokes, we’ve heard them. What they didn’t reveal in that film was that GWAR has a giant addiction to crack. Not space-crack, or crack from the vaults of Azeroth, but straight up CIA-invented crack. Their whole stage show is this poor band of bloodthirsty aliens stranded on […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Rock & Roll Circus

16 Oct

Alright, so that picture is from Fort Wilson Riot’s Idigaragua and not from the spectacle going down at the Music Box tonight, but it seemed as good a place as any to start. As Hilary Davis of the band Bella Koshka said, “The way to bring in a big crowd in Minneapolis is to bring […]

Pezzettino House Show

14 Oct

This crazy, wonderful lady, known to the world as Pezzettino, also known as Margaret Stutt, will be stomping her heels and tearing up her accordion in the dining room of the CakeIn15 house tonight. Minneapolis is the first stop of Miss Stutt’s fall tour, and we are excited to be hosting her and her accordion […]

This Is Not For You

14 Oct

Some Of The Best Things Happen in Secret or Wolf Like Me Full disclosure: Staciaann from CakeIn15 shot the cover art and promotional photos for Peter Wolf Crier and cas is a founding member of the theatre company Lamb Lays with Lion, of which This Is Not For You director Jeremey Catterton is Artistic Director. […]