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Tag Archives: musing

A Dozen Bits of Writing to Ring Out the Year

31 Dec

Gorram end of year, stupid list making end-of the-decade hoo-hah, makes this curmudgeon sit and spit and spin large yarns and look back in reminiscences, adhering to the tyranny of the Julians and journalistic fabrications that make years easily delineated into digestible decades and here we are again and what the cuss have we learned […]

Staciaann’s shows of 2009

28 Dec

Since 2006 I’ve kept track of the shows I go and see – whether they be music, fashion, or theater. I keep track because my brain will not remember from year to year which shows were when, and it’s an easy way to index my comings and goings. In 2009 I was lucky enough to […]

With Liberty and Justice…

3 Dec

Yesterday, the New York State Senate failed to pass an amendment that would have opened up marriage rights and equality to same-sex partners. The 38-to-24 was not only split along party lines, with all 30 Republicans voting against the bill, but also split between urban and upstate New York, the New York Times reports. Although […]

Kristoff Krane needs a “Miracle”

27 Nov

Local underground rapper Kristoff Krane is a hugger, he’s got a lot of love for a lot of people and is always willing to share it. Now he’s in need of some love of his own. After weeks of shooting the video for the standout track “Miracle” from his This Will Work For Now release, […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Prairie Home Companion

23 Nov

Growing up as an exile from Lake Wobegone, about as far away as one could imagine from Minnesota, the tapes of Prairie Home Companion wove magical tales of a far off land of hot-dish and the existential mysteries of lutefisk. On the tape of the 10th Anniversary show, host Garrison Keillor ruminated upon the regrets […]

Two Poems

18 Nov

I haven’t written, let alone put out into the world, any poetry in quite a while. The lapse in poetry coincided with the rise of prose, interviews, reviews and other such works that are intended for clear articulation of ideas, getting down to the point. But so many phrases rack up in notebooks and scraps, […]

Ten Thousand Things’ “Othello”

4 Nov

Raw Shakespeare or Post-Nothing Photo courtesy Ten Thousand Things There is something to the style of a Ten Thousand Things production- with the lights up, seated in a circle, with actors and audience in plain view- that is as much group therapy as it is theatre. The immediacy of text and action presented in the […]

Picking Up Crumbs: P.O.S.

27 Oct

Time once again to welcome P.O.S. back to town, his star ever ascendant. He has been on the road almost all year- the photo here is from the Coachella music festival where he was a last minute addition but rocked a sizeable crowd, as photographer Staciaann can attest- but he came back even stronger for […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Saul Williams

27 Oct

Pray for Saul Williams. The company he keeps indicates some form of Stockholm Syndrome or extreme personality changes or serious lapse of judgement. The Afro-Punk sponsored show at the Varsity Theater started off great with sets from locals Dearling Physique and No Bird Sing, which simply stoked the high expectations for the ground-breaking spoken word […]

Greg Gossel at SooVAC

23 Oct

The Concrete Pour of Culture or We’re Gonna Die, Let’s Make Art Standing in Greg Gossel‘s show Broken on view through November 29th, half the fun is counting the references. The pulpy, cartoon women in his works dial a direct line to Roy Lichtenstein, the newspaper images blown up and silkscreened throughout the show are […]