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Jeremy Messersmith … on Daytrotter!

22 Feb

Unless you live in a cave or under a rock or maybe just don’t like music (huh?), then you’ve probably heard of Daytrotter.  I’d highly suggest creating an account on the site, as then you’re privy to the free downloads for bands like White Rabbits, Delta Spirit, Frightened Rabbit, & Bon Iver.  You can also […]

Jason Lytle Has A Christmas Gift For You

11 Dec

Hello to All! This is Jason. It is approximately Christmas 2009, and I am letting whoever you are know that I have a gift for you, if you want it. I set up some microphones in my living room and recorded about 35 minutes of improvisational piano music, and…… It just so happens that playing […]

Pixies give away free live Doolittle EP

6 Nov

Seriously.  Add your email & click.  That’s it.

A Rare Appearance By Jayber Crow

11 Sep

Jayber Crow is one of those bands that you’re supposed to like in college.  It’s a band that your friends are in.  It’s a couple of guys you know through someone else who happen to play music.  The difference here is that initial fascination extends beyond graduation into the real world.  You realize that even […]

I would never say “hurry up” to you…

6 Aug

…unless you’re Daytrotter.  Then, to be honest, I’ve been thinking it for a while.  The moment Arlen Peiffer, drummer for Caroline Smith & the Good Night Sleeps, told me the band was going to a Daytrotter session, I’ve been waiting impatiently for it to go up on the site.  FINALLY it has!  You can listen […]

Icing on the Cake: Cleaning out the Inbox

29 Jul

I get a lot of promo emails & after a while they sort of overwhelm my inbox.  Fortunately some of them have great free mp3s attached which I’m allowed to share with you.  So, as the mood strikes me, I go through these emails & post the Mp3 links.  Enjoy! NPR’s “Music at Newport” Sampler […]

Perfect For The Blank CD-R From “Dark Night Of The Soul”

16 Jul

Since you can’t buy the music for the Dangermouse/Sparklehorse/David Lynch collaboration (you can still stream it here and god is it worth it), cop this EP. Miami based producer Tor does his best Grey Album impression with the breaks from Sufjan Stevens tracks and a variety of sweet hip hop cuts, from Outkast to Big […]

Basilica Block Party: Crisis of Faith

9 Jul

Catholicism WOW! or Hanginaround the Holy Water with my Little Hoodrat Friends I have never understood the Basilica Block Party. Doesn’t rock and roll have a standing agreement with Satan, and don’t Catholics have a vested interest in the overthrow of Satan, or at least maintaining the equilibrium of divine good and worldly evil? What […]

Picking Up Crumbs: City On The Make Interview

2 Jul

City on the Make are about to drop Keep This on Fire, their second full-length record and the follow up to last year’s critically acclaimed $1,000,000 EP. If you haven’t already heard by now, you need to see this band. They are a monster live, they breath fire, they are acrobats and clowns, it’s a […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Mark Mallman Interview

13 Jun

By the time I’ve posted this, Mark Mallman will have already rocked the stage at the Bryant-Lake Bowl, and apparently his alter-ego MALLWOLF made an appearance. It seems almost unfair, that 9’x22′ stage can’t have been large enough to contain the massive piano-thumping, stage-jumping, heart-pumping energy of Mallman. His new record, Invincible Criminal doesn’t come […]