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Picking Up Crumbs: Dawes

12 Feb

Last year about this time, in the midst of a remorseless snap of bitter cold intent on sapping all color and joy from life, I rolled into the 7th Street Entry in a towering foul mood. I was late, I was miserable, everyone around me was blistering incompetent and you know what, I don’t want […]


6 Feb

“It Will Break Your Heart And Put It Back Together Again” or Temporary Autonomous Zones Set To Music If you already love RENT, you don’t need convincing. If you have ever doubted that the Twin Cities has fabulously talented actors working today, this show will lay those to rest. If you worry that $49 is […]

Picking Up Crumbs: The Moonstone Continuum

14 Jan

Conceptual art prank? Pious religious practice? Whatever the Moonstone Continuum are up to, they are going at it whole heartedly. The band is made up of practicing Lunerians, a supposedly ancient religion that has a cosmic mythology and because of whose practice of individualism and eroticism, his been persecuted throughout the centuries. Although they do […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Spirits of the Red City

31 Dec

You’ll notice on Staciaann’s 2009 show list that the first show there, and one of the highlighted favorite shows, is Spirits of the Red City at the Bryant-Lake Bowl. That was a special show, an intimate venue with crowded stage that the octet of musicians managed to make feel as though it contained their own […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Martini & Olive

30 Dec

There is something noble amongst actors, that the hoary old chestnut about the show going on is not just for the sake of the audience, but also to the fellow company-members. Such was the situation that Judy Heneghan found herself in at Thanksgiving, when Grant Richey, her long-time partner in the holiday-70s-disco-kitsch extravaganza Martini & […]

Picking Up Crumbs: J.Tillman

5 Nov

It’s a weekend of Tillmans as Fleet Foxes drummer and bearded wandering man Josh Tillman stops into the Music Box Theater on Friday. If you’ve seen him on stage with the Foxes, you’ll know him as the fecund id of the live show, flying slightly off-kilter on skittering riffs- at First Ave this summer he […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Har Mar Superstar

5 Nov

Sean Tillman is ridiculous, and you gotta love him. And if you were to stack up the Owatonna-born performers currently working their way through the scene, Har Mar eats Owl City for breakfast, or as a post-show snack if he’s feeling saucy. He’s back in town for two shows backing his brand new record Dark […]

Picking Up Crumbs: The Raveonettes

26 Oct

The Danish duo of Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo aren’t taking themselves so seriously. When they broke on to the scene in 2001, the world was black and white for The Raveonettes, they drew a straight line between motown, Phil Spector and made tight punkish harmonies that were as powerful as they were straightforward. […]

Picking Up Crumbs: The Dodos

20 Oct

If you haven’t seen The Dodos in action, do yourself a favor and get over to the Turf Club on Tuesday night. The San Francisco duo of guitarist Meric Long and drummer Logan Kroeber put on a herculean, frenetic live show, with complex drumming and modal anti-folk guitars that uplift the simplest of structures to […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Sally Wingert

17 Oct

Early (by late-night writer standards) one rainy morning, I put in a call to Sally Wingert, which was sweeter and more refreshing than any Earl Grey and honey. She, as anyone who has watched her on stage or worked with her I am sure can attest to, was incredibly gracious and witty and I went […]