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…At the Late Night, Double Feature, Picture Show…

17 Oct

Halloween weekend the Uptown Theatre presents two nights of the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show… and Cake In 15 has FREE tickets!  We’re giving away two pairs of tickets to the 11:45pm screenings.  Get ready to rock & don’t forget to wear your fishnets & heels! The lovelies from Transvestite Soup will lead […]

Movies in the Midwest

28 Sep

We’ll Always have Paris, Texas or It’s The End Of The Reel As We Know It It’s finally come. Unable to keep afloat in the current economy and having gone through 4 locations in 3 years, Cinema Revolution is getting out of the retail game. It was announced earlier that they were shutting down their […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Dosh + Time Bandits

28 Sep

Staciaann was back at the Lake Harriet Bandshell for’s Autumn Music and Movies series. Dosh played first, joined by frequent collaborator Michael Lewis (Happy Apple and others) and was followed by Time Bandits, Terry Gilliam’s, well, whatever it is that Terry Gilliam does. Next week, look for the Honeydogs and Waiting for Guffman, but […]


3 Sep

It is so close to here…the GRINDHOUSE is coming to get you…meaner, fiercer and sweeter than ever…more art…wilder fashion…brilliant theater…ain’t-it-cool film…MUSIC AND BEEER. FREE ENERGY!!! And that really gets down to it right there. It’s the coolest party with surprises and entertainments around every corner, with some of the best of local arts and national […]

David Mamet’s Anne Frank

26 Aug

Looking at that headline makes me feel as though I mis-typed something. Like I meant to type “In a fervent damask damn” and got an anagram instead. The news that David Mamet, he of Glengarry Glen Ross, hardboiled American men and the injustices of workaday life, foul-mouthed as he is, is taking over a DISNEY […]

You can’t stop the (Cinema) Revolution

9 Jun

Cinema Revolution is still alive. John Koch’s dream of supplying the Twin Cities with excellent independent, international and cult cinema has been through a number of different formats, but tenaciously holds on (insert Rocky, Giant or Umberto D comparison as appropriate). After having to shut down it’s physical rental space in April due to disagreements […]

Shameless Self Promotion: Small Arts/Big Shows

5 Jun

It’s not a secret that the bloggers here at CakeIn15 are involved in the arts. Beyond just being opinionated documentarians, it is an essential part of our individual and group identities that we are actively engaged in the production of culture. So when we use the phrase “shameless self promotion”, we mean it. We have […]

Too Good Not To Re-Post

18 Apr

I just have to say how much I appreciate Paul Schmelzer’s Eyeteeth blog. It is a terrific aggregator of all things interesting and innovative in the art world, and occasionally leavened with Schmelzer’s incisive criticism. Plus, he keeps me entertained with pigs and sheep.

Cloud Cult’s “No One Said It Would Be Easy” sneak peak

22 Mar

“The Cloud Cult experience as a whole for me is just celebration of life and love and whatever the grand mystery is.”  -Craig Minowa There are people who make you glad that they are alive, that they have made it through the darkness of their own lives in order to share the journey.  People like […]

No One Said It Would Be Easy

9 Mar

Very few things actually cause me to blog immediately.  Sometimes I have things in my head that just take a while to get out… or I sit on it out of pure laziness/procrastination.   This, however, requires an immediate post. At the end of 2008, Cloud Cult‘s Teapartying Through Tornadoes was on two of Cake In […]