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Tag Archives: fashion

Photo Recap: Kjurek Couture & Amanda Christine Spring 2010

10 Apr

Local store of awesome Cliche hosted a private viewing of the Kjurek Couture & Amanda Christine spring collections, followed by a trunk show with music, cocktails & hors d-oeuvres. Sponsored by Cliche, Ignite Models, Kjurek Couture & Amanda Christine. Photos taken by Staciaann for MnFashion.

U of M “Insight” Fashion Show

9 Feb

On Saturday evening, the graduating Seniors of the University of Minnesota Apparel Design Program showed off their final academic works in what was one of the most cohesive and well-constructed shows of a young year that has already seen some quality design. Hosted by Anna Lee of MNFashion, the show was titled “Insight”, and promised […]

A Dozen Bits of Writing to Ring Out the Year

31 Dec

Gorram end of year, stupid list making end-of the-decade hoo-hah, makes this curmudgeon sit and spit and spin large yarns and look back in reminiscences, adhering to the tyranny of the Julians and journalistic fabrications that make years easily delineated into digestible decades and here we are again and what the cuss have we learned […]

Shopping on Nicollet Thursday & Friday

29 Oct

Having lived on or around Nicollet for the better part of 3 years, Eat Street has a special place in my heart, as a scrappy little neighborhood that has some great shopping and better food. The stores and restaurants up and down Nicollet between Franklin and 28th are offering up some sweet deals because, well, […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Hildur Victoria

18 Sep

Hildur Victoria are some sort of forested soundtrack, something you would stumble upon wrapped in moss and ivy while feeling the pulsing effects of good dose of mescaline. At least, that’s what it feels like through the headphones, but you’ll get a chance to experience the effect live at the Varsity Theatre tonight for La […]

Clapperclaw Bits

10 Sep

Sick T-Shirts by Anthem Heart! Jay Gabler’s notes from TC Daily Planet ArtsOrbit. Andrea Swensson’s round up for City Pages. Justin Flower’s notes on Free Energy from More Cowbell. And Above The Fold‘s Free Energy video:


3 Sep

It is so close to here…the GRINDHOUSE is coming to get you…meaner, fiercer and sweeter than ever…more art…wilder fashion…brilliant theater…ain’t-it-cool film…MUSIC AND BEEER. FREE ENERGY!!! And that really gets down to it right there. It’s the coolest party with surprises and entertainments around every corner, with some of the best of local arts and national […]

Calpurnia Peach at the Walker Art Lab

11 Jun

Look out Walker, you’re about to get a infusion playfulness and high-spirited design. Fashion design duo extraordinaire Calpurnia Peach are running the Walker Art Lab at this Thursday evening, using their screenprinting skills to personalize your mundane duds. Cake In 15 caught up with Ashley Wokash (one half of the team with Luci Kandler) and […]

Blog implosion!

29 May

Travis Hetman of of local gospel-rockers A Night in The Box just got more exposure than he bargained for when he was snapped at Retrorama by the Minneapoline fashion photoblog. Carles of Hipster Runoff plucked the image for a post today about banjos, “personal brands” and Sufjan Stevens. Carles is in some way the Colbert […]


27 Apr

It was a good looking night in Minneapolis, from the clothes to the models to the crowd and (most of) the bands. Voltage Fashion Amplified showcased some very strong design this year- no stomach-churning menswear, everything constructed to a high standard and an overall feel of ambitious professionalism. The Design Panel for Voltage and MNfashion […]