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Shameless Self-Promotion: The Ship Is A Destination, Caroline

1 Jan

Welcome to 2010, and it only seems fitting that the first post of the new year is an invitation to an evening of music, performance and art in order to support a couple wonderful artists. Dancer Anna-Marie Shogren and visual artist Margaret Coleman have been accepted to an artist residency in Skagastron, Iceland, to make […]

Village Voice Reviews Morgan Thorson’s “Heaven”

12 Nov

Photo by Cameron Wittig via Walker Art Center Minneapolis-based choreographer Morgan Thorson gets a positive review for her new work “Heaven” from the Village Voice, and it is always nice to see CakeIn15 pals get praised in print. “Heaven” is currently in it’s run at P.S.122 in New York City and features a Minnesota based […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Rock & Roll Circus

16 Oct

Alright, so that picture is from Fort Wilson Riot’s Idigaragua and not from the spectacle going down at the Music Box tonight, but it seemed as good a place as any to start. As Hilary Davis of the band Bella Koshka said, “The way to bring in a big crowd in Minneapolis is to bring […]

Shameless Self Promotion: m a r s p r o j e c t

25 Sep

You are cordially invited to M A R S Interplanetary Tour Live Theatre Art Installation Dance Party m a r s p r o j e c t Sept 25 8:30 + 9:30 + Sept 26 9:30 + 10:30 1419 Washington Ave S MPLS Tip Top Tour Launch Video from Carl Atiya Swanson on Vimeo. […]


3 Sep

It is so close to here…the GRINDHOUSE is coming to get you…meaner, fiercer and sweeter than ever…more art…wilder fashion…brilliant theater…ain’t-it-cool film…MUSIC AND BEEER. FREE ENERGY!!! And that really gets down to it right there. It’s the coolest party with surprises and entertainments around every corner, with some of the best of local arts and national […]

Picking Up Crumbs: Fringe Picks

30 Jul

The 16th Annual Fringe Festival opened tonight, and so the time has come to see lots of strange theater in a very condensed period of time. So condensed, in fact, that everybody offers up opinions as to what to see and help the poor lost soul trying to get from the Gremlin Theater in St. […]

Shameless Self Promotion: Artery24

5 Jul

Artery24 is a performance festival that takes place over the course of 24 hours, a marathon of performative endurance. Starting at 6pm on Friday, July 24th and ending at 6pm Saturday, the event consumes the Soap Factory premises, from the galleries to the haunted basement to those rooms you can only see through a window. […]

Picking Up Crumbs: White Rabbits

29 Jun

OMGWHITERABBITS!!!! It’s no secret that Staciaann hearts White Rabbits. cas does too, and he jumped at the chance to interview them in advance of their show at the 400 Bar tonight. Their style has tightened up and become fiercer and sharper since Britt Daniel of Spoon took the helm for their sophomore disc. It’s Frightening […]

I Just Can’t Let It Go

19 Jun

I just can’t let the weekend go by without at least mentioning something that has taken up a lot of my free time since January. Something I work hard at and am so very proud of this year. For the past two years (this is my third) I have booked the stages at the Stone […]

Shameless Self Promotion: Small Arts/Big Shows

5 Jun

It’s not a secret that the bloggers here at CakeIn15 are involved in the arts. Beyond just being opinionated documentarians, it is an essential part of our individual and group identities that we are actively engaged in the production of culture. So when we use the phrase “shameless self promotion”, we mean it. We have […]