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Tag Archives: Dan O.

miniStories Reading at the Ritz

22 Oct

miniStories is a juried short story competition hosted by mnartists and coordinated by Electric Arc Radio‘s Geoff Herbach. Stories are selected, judged, and finalists get a reading that’s open to the public before the final selections are published in access + ENGAGE. Cake In 15 is proud to announce that contributor Dan O. is one […]

Shameless Self Promotion

8 Oct

Theater company Lamb Lays with Lion is holding a staged reading of a new play 10/14, written by CakeIn15 contributor Dan O. and featuring CakeIn15 boyfriend c.a.s. We’re proud of it, it’s ours, we’d like it to be yours. Dates: ONE NIGHT ONLY– Tuesday October 14, 8pmTickets: Free Admission, $5-20 suggested donation at doorTheater Information: […]

The New UnCool

1 Oct

The first time I heard Ben Folds Five was on the radio – Back when kids used to listen to the radio and Top 40 was at least two years away from taking over along with its Clear Channel poison. The song was “Battle of Who Could Care Less,” and within a few days I […]

Theater Review: The Irresistible Rise of Big Daddy Ubu

5 Sep

The Irresistible Rise of Big Daddy Ubu, a Nimbus theater production which opened this weekend at the Theater Garage, throws a whole lot of elements into the mix. I’m almost certainly missing a few, but here’s a laundry list: Brecht, Jarry, the Chicago mafia, penis jokes, Monty Python, various pop culture icons including Enya, Guy […]

Theater for Foodies

25 Aug

I’ve watched the occasional cooking show on Bravo or the Food Network, but never had I found myself amid such experts until last Thursday, in attendance at a rehearsal for The Cooking Show Con Karimi and Comrades. Revolutionary Chef Mero Cocinero Karimi is here in town to perform his roving cooking show at the Bedlam […]

Acceleration (a review of recent history & R.E.M.)

15 Aug

Ed. Note – This is an introductory post, originally written right after R.E.M’s newest album was released. I’m not really this far behind. Yesterday morning my coffee maker broke. A dull click indicated that it would not, despite the fresh grounds and ten cups of water inside, make any productive use of them.It sat, unnoticed […]