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Picking Up Crumbs: The Airborne Toxic Event

4 Mar

CakeIn15 Photographer Staciaann & writer C.A.S. covered The Airborne Toxic Event‘s latest jaunt into Minneapolis for Decider on February 27th.  You can read the recap here.

Picking up Crumbs: P.O.S.

4 Mar

CakeIn15 Photographer Alexa and writer C.A.S. covered local hero P.O.S. for Decider last weekend. You can read the recap here.

Roots Redux: Jones Street Station

15 Jan

I’ll let a greater critic and writer than I introduce Jones Street Station.  Greil Marcus wrote of the group, “Listening is like running down a mountain on a switchback trail, the sound of surprise generating its own momentum. There’s a punk glee inside the bluegrass craft–and a punk vehemence inside the bluegrass smile.”  All of which […]

RockNRoll Cupcake:1/10/09

11 Jan

Jeremy Messersmith with Best Friends Forever and Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps, 7th Street Entry 1/10/2009 Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps– Tying My Shoes You can’t see it from behind the guitar, but Ms. Smith is wearing a shirt emblazoned with  “Santa Cruz.”  The Santa Cruz boardwalk is home of The […]

Yael Naim: The Joy of Speaking in Tongues

22 Oct

After winning tickets to see Yael Naim at the Cedar Cultural Center, I confess not being wholly sold or thrilled. “Cute,” I thought to myself, “another international artist getting sales boost from the Mac advertising juggernaut. File under CSS and the Ting Tings.” I have to not be so snarky with myself (although sometimes it […]

miniStories Reading at the Ritz

22 Oct

miniStories is a juried short story competition hosted by mnartists and coordinated by Electric Arc Radio‘s Geoff Herbach. Stories are selected, judged, and finalists get a reading that’s open to the public before the final selections are published in access + ENGAGE. Cake In 15 is proud to announce that contributor Dan O. is one […]

TV On The Radio: Uplifting Serious

21 Oct

Here’s the thing about TV On The Radio– they are in equal measure serious, musical, complex, obscure and at their show you can chuck that all out the window and dance. That’s actually not accurate: the layered harmonies, heavy percussion and tempo changes are the main reason you want to move so hard. It’s not […]

Cold War Kids: Heavier on Record

13 Oct

Cold War Kids aren’t Sunny Cali-forn-i-yay. They come from Nixon’s stomping grounds, where the California sun has a bitter and unrepentant glare and this honest, crushing constancy is embodied in the best Cold War Kids songs. The narratives wrap you in and push you through a sharp lens, like a John Cheever short story. Whether […]

Ticket Giveaway! INDIA: Public Places, Private Spaces Preview Party

12 Oct

Alright, we just posted about something you can give us, now we’ve got something the give to you. The Minneapolis Institute of Art will be opening their new show, INDIA: Public Places, Private Spaces, on Sunday, October 26th, but they are giving members a sneak peak and throwing a Preview Party on Saturday the 25th. […]

Buena Vista Social Club at Carnegie Hall

11 Oct

If anyone is looking to send an early Christmas present our way, head on over and order the 2-disc concert recording Buena Vista Social Club at Carnegie Hall that Nonesuch Records is releasing this Tuesday. Wim Wenders included footage from this concert in his documentary, but this is the first time that the full live […]