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Well, Hello!

i_DyCRyYSo, let me give y’all a little back story. My name is Sheela, and I have a lifelong love affair with food and the restaurant industry. My first job (other than babysitting) was at a Middle Eastern cafe in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I was 13, and I was a sample girl in grocery stores. Trying to explain hummus, tabbouleh and baba ghanoush to Minnesotans in 1989 was no small feat. This hooked me hard in to the restaurant business. Feeding people and making them happy with food gives me such joy. I have worked as a pastry chef, line cook, barista, front of house, kitchen manager and food truck window girl.

About 2 years ago I stopped working in the industry, but I will never stop finding new and exciting places to go. I am now a traveling sales rep, and so I have the opportunity to go around the Midwest and occasionally the greater US. This just makes me want to find more restaurants in these places, and I want to share these experiences when I can. Eating alone is an experience that I have started to cherish, and gives me the chance to try a lot of wacky stuff!

Let’s do this thing!

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