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Lizzo Looking for Dancers

10 Aug

Is it you?  

Oh happy day!

26 Jun


Today, the Supreme Court of the United States of America made the right call. The best call. The call for love.

This is important for all Americans, regardless of your sexual orientation, because it’s one tiny step towards the equality the Constitution grants to us as human beings. Not to say that equality has ever been followed to the letter (ahem #blacklivesmatter), but it’s a step, and one that makes us burst with joy and pride for all our friends around the country who can now publicly express their love, if they so desire, by joining the ranks of the married.

…and please never forget these amazing people, who continued and pushed forward the conversation and understanding of what it means to love someone.


Don’t recognize them? That’s Mildred and Richard Loving. In June of 1967, their case ended the ban on interracial marriage. Thanks for the good fight.

…and last, via the lovely Peter Lochner


God Bless The Biscuit Belt

27 Apr

When I told people in the Midwest that I was going to visit my sister in Durham, North Carolina the first thing they would say is, “oh, you have to eat biscuits”. This I knew, as North Carolina is known for biscuits upon more biscuits. Within in city of Durham, there are 4 or 5 biscuit places I can count just off the top of my head, and I don’t even live there. So it was my mission to get as many biscuits as I could put in my face for the 5 days that I was in the triangle (Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill). And biscuits were consumed.

I arrived on a Monday, starving. I left Chicago really early in the AM and didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast. Jecca picked me up and we went straight to Rise Biscuits and Donuts. Jecca had never been there, but a friend of mine (Hi Alysia!) who used to live in Durham told us we should check it out. Located in a strip mall next to a nail salon, it is quite unassuming. We went in and the menu was overwhelming with fantastic selections. Jecca is a vegetarian, and Rise has a biscuit sandwich with fried eggplant “bacon”. She got that, and I got a biscuit with fried chicken and bacon. Flaky biscuits, brimming with flavor. Jecca fell in love with the eggplant bacon, I tried it as well: delicious and crisp. My fried chicken biscuit was perfect, juicy chicken and bacon done just right. We also got a couple of donuts to bring home: a blueberry “wonut” with blueberry glaze and a pineapple basil with pineapple glaze filled the basil creme filling and pistachios. What is a wonut you ask? Well I’ll tell you: waffle donut! So cute.




In Summation: The biscuits are out of this world. A must for the biscuit lovers. The donuts were good, but not our favorite in Durham. I want to try the fennel and pink grapefruit donut next time.

Tuesday brought us to Monuts. Now, I love monuts. I have been to their old location twice before, and I have been following their construction and new space on instagram for a while, and was so looking forward to checking it out.

It did not disappoint. Eli (my brother-in-law) and I got 2 donuts: apple cider cake donut and a maple glazed raised. Both were perfect. Jecca then met us for lunch and I had a biscuit and a beautiful salad of arugula, pea shoots, asparagus, a slow poached egg and fresh farmer cheese. They both had bagel sandwiches: the bagels at monuts are fantastic. I also had a crazy coffee: it was a combo of espresso and cane sugar cola. WHOA. BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ.






In Summation: a good biscuit, not spectacular. Probably my fault for not getting anything on it. However, everything else is fantastic here. The donuts are for sure the best in the city, as are the bagels. It’s a great place to hang out, and they now have beer and wine! Bonus!

Wednesday Jecca and her friend Ben and I went to Scratch Bakery for breakfast. I have had the bread from Scratch, they have a booth at the Durham Farmers Market and I knew I was in for some good stuff.

I went with a biscuit with an egg and cheese. Keeping it super simple. It was perfectly lovely. Jecca got a buttermilk donut muffin that was to die for. I also had a fantastic iced vanilla latte, made with one of my favorite Midwestern coffees: Intelligentsia. However, everything we had was overshadowed by the pie. Oh yes, pie for breakfast: and what a pie it was. A perfect strawberry rhubarb. The crust was just the right consistency and the filling bright, sweet and tart.




In Summation: I really want to go back to Scratch for some of the savory offerings: but it’s gonna be really hard when there is that pie staring at me. I mean, their website is

Thursday Jecca and I met up with the creator of Alex, and his kids Viv & Nick. We met at Parker & Otis, a favorite place of mine in Durham. It’s part gift store, part wine shop, part cafe, all awesome (For Twin Cities folks reference: it’s like if Cafe Latte, Patina and Surdyk’s were all one store. With better food). A friend of Jecca’s had told me to get the pimento cheese biscuit there, and of course I had to try that. Sadly, they didn’t have it on this day, so I went with a cheese, egg and bacon biscuit. Totally good, not outstanding. I do love the pimento cheese here, so hopefully next time I am in town they will have that biscuit!

In Summation: I really like hanging out at Parker & Otis. They have great stuff for everyone and I will be hunting down that biscuit!

Friday, my last day in town. Jecca and I venture in to Chapel Hill to a place I had been hearing about forever. Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen is a tiny shack of a place on the main thoroughfare going in to Chapel Hill. It is a drive through place, and there was a line on the bridge as we approached!

The line was 100% worth the wait. Jecca had an egg, cheese and kale biscuit whereas I went for the pork chop. Yup, that’s right. Chicken fried pork chop on a biscuit. This may or may not have been everything I had hoped for and more. Biscuit was soft and pillowy, pork chop beautifully seasoned. It’s a good thing I don’t live anywhere near here as I would be here every day.


In Summation: Run. Stand in line. Eat all the biscuits.

Phew! And that’s just the biscuits! Next up: more Durham goodness.


Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

18 Apr

I can hardly keep my eyes open long enough to post this: I am so crazy tired and full. It was a beautiful and long day of work, eating and friends.

I had to be at the shoe store I was doing an event at early, so I made sure I got to the bakery/cafe I wanted to check out early. I got there too early: 10 minutes before they open! Ooops. I pulled up to Baker Miller in Lincoln Park. I hung out in my car until they opened: and turns out I wasn’t even the first one there! I maybe should have stood in line with these folks:


I have been following Baker Miller for a while, it is the original owners of Bang Bang Pie Shop. They decided that they wanted to make their own flours, so they left Bang Bang and started Baker Miller. They ground their grains and make flours and grits which you can buy in the store and online. I have been following them on facebook and instagram, and the photos are stunning. I had it in my head that I was gonna get the grits with corned beef, pickled cabbage, coriander mustard and and soft egg. I got up to the counter and asked the super helpful counter lady. I told her I was fluctuating between the grits and the ploughman’s breakfast. She said Ploughman’s, so that is what I went with.


I am so glad I did. A perfectly soft cooked egg, 4 bread soldiers, a local sausage and perfectly dressed arugula. They also make from scratch marmalade and hand churned butters. I took a bit of the satsuma marmalade and the cherry honey butter (apparently I am on a honey butter kick). All of it was bursting with flavor. Simple and well done. A perfect and hearty breakfast. Next time I am gonna get the Toast Platter: as they have toasters on each table!


I then went to work and slung shoes all day. Busy and fun, as it always is at the store I was at. My friend Natalie came to the store to meet me and take me to a new candy store down the street from where I was. I needed to find some new fun gummies for the Vlog. Many awesome things were purchased, and then Natalie had the fantastic idea to grab dinner at one of the best vegan restaurants around.


The Chicago Diner has been around since 1983. It is a full on diner: burgers, fries, shakes and the like. However, it is 100% vegetarian, mostly vegan. Natalie is vegan, and I am a huge fan of this place. It is so hard for me not to get the same thing here every time, and today was no exception. Country Fried Steak: vegan style. Battered seitan, country gravy, mashed potatoes and steamed veggies. It is so so delicious: veganlicious I would say.  I sent a picture to my husband Ben and he was super jealous. Natalie and I also shared a vegan peanut butter cookie dough shake. That is some sweet lovely stuff right there. Thanks, Chicago Diner, for making vegan food so delicious. 


Okay, this is when I probably should have gone back to me hotel and kept it mellow. Instead I met up with the fantastic Rajani and Vijay at a new place in Logan Square. Lost Lake Tiki is a bar that is connected to a American-Chinese take out counter called Thank You. So you can order from your server at Lost Lake anything from Thank You. One of the many reasons I love Rajani and Vijay is they eat like me: they want to try anything and everything and are always up for it. My favorite thing is when Vijay said: we should just order one of everything. So we did.


This is the cocktail I had: It’s called the Pool Rules. Bourbon, Rum, Curaçao, Cinnamon, Allspice, Vanilla, Angostura Bitters. Cutest fish glass!!

Here is the link to the : and photos of everything!






Holy Moses. Our favorites: the long beans, the fried rice and the Mongolian beef. This place is also open til 4am on the weekends, how fantastic is that! Makes me want to move back to Chicago for the good food.

Tomorrow: meeting up with my girls Bridgid and Diana, so it’s gonna get good.

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All the Feels

18 Nov

We here at CakeIn15 can’t help but feel all the feels when reading this love story. Because it is just that. A story of love. Yes, it’s also a cancer story, and a heartbreaking one at that. The wisdom and grace with which this Minneapolis family has handled this situation makes us proud to be human.

Start reading their story, and help out Ralphie, Nora, and Aaron by donating here. We are thinking about you & sending you positive vibes and love.

You can also order a “Still Kickin” t-shirt here, if you’d rather support that way. xo


Ralph has always known about Aaron. He was a calm, serene newborn. He never cried, never fussed. He always curled into Aaron at night, even though I was his food source and first home (I am still slightly offended by this, clearly). If Aaron needed me, Ralph would patiently wait his turn. He crawled for the first time in a hospital bed at Abbott. He came to appointments and chemo and waited calmly and patiently, he cuddled with nurses and with lonely old folks who looked like they needed it. He has his father’s heart, and his father’s face (also slightly offended because I did contribute 50% of his genetic material, so…) He has always been tender. He touches Aaron’s scar and kisses his head. The night we told our family about hospice, Ralph set down his blocks, climbed onto the couch and pushed me aside. “I luh you Papa.” He said, and kissed and hugged his father. Today, he keeps coming into the room to say hello, and say good-bye. “All done!” He says “I luh you!” #ralphiegrams

CakeIn15 is Going On a Brief Hiatus

23 Dec

Dear readers –

CAS & Staciaann are excited to announce that any day now they’ll be adding a member to the CakeIn15 team! He hasn’t told us exactly when he’ll arrive, but his doctors tell us it should be in the next ten days.

As such, will be on a brief hiatus. We’ll still be updating the calendar and tweeting and so forth, but the blog itself will take a break until we’re used to this new member of our family. We thank all our writers and other contributors for helping us keep at it the last few months. Hopefully we’ll be back into the swing of things before you even miss us!

We wish you all Happy Holidays and hope you get some time to spend with friends, family, and fuzzy loved ones.

XO –
CAS, Staciaann & Syd Vicious


75 Pictures of People I Would Rather Hang Out With Than The Ones on City Pages

25 Mar

A response to this monstrosity:…

**I took most of these photos from your Facebook. But it just means I love you.

Rent the Cake Shop!

18 Nov

The Cake Shop has been a warm, wonderful space to host our house concert series, it’s got a backyard big enough to gather arts community members from far and wide, and not to mention, it’s been a beautiful home. Now it can be yours.

Yes, CakeIn15 is moving to new digs, a house purchased with the Cake Shop shows as a specific qualification, so they will continue! But the house where it started can be yours – a 1200 square foot first floor of a Minneapolis duplex with amazing woodwork and built-ins, off-street parking and a beautiful yard. Click through to the Craigslist post for more info, or hit us up at

Don’t forget to Vote today!

6 Nov

Join CakeIn15 in Supporting ALL Families in Minnesota

26 Sep

Soooo big news you guys! CAS asked Staciaann to marry him, and she said “yes!!” This is a very exciting time for CakeIn15, and we love sharing exciting times with our readers.

Since we’re getting married, we want to make sure you know that we want the same option for all families!

Our friends at Zeus Jones (and others) created this lovely video animation, as well as a website to help spread the word and discuss what this amendment is really all about.

Vote No For All from Daniel Horan on Vimeo.

These cool cats have also created a way for you to show your support. Wear a ring. Yup. That’s it. How do you get one? Easy.

Two ways to get your rings:
1. Pick them up!

Many local businesses around the Metro area are or will be carrying them. If you’re local, help us save on costs and email for the latest list.

If you’re in Uptown, just stop by Zeus Jones (2640 Lyndale Ave S – Across the street from Bob’s Java Hut) to pick up your rings. They’ll be available between 8am and 6pm. Look for the For All sign on the door.

2. To the internet! Click here and order some for yourself and all your friends.

Help support equal rights for ALL and Vote NO on November 6th.  We love love!!