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Caroline Smith at First Avenue – 9-27-2013

28 Sep

By CAS We’ve made our feelings about Caroline Smith and her Goodnight Sleeps abundantly clear. It’s here. And here and here. Also here. If you haven’t gotten on it, on the new record, Half About Being a Woman, then, in the parlance of our times, treat yo self. It’s time to move. “Child of Moving […]

Rachel Ries at the Cake Shop 9-26-2013

27 Sep

Blowing in like the prairie wind from her native South Dakota, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Rachel Ries graced the Cake Shop with a show last night, one in an initial series of gigs as Ries breaks back into the role of performer. In a previous life, Ries had been a constantly touring musician, put out records and […]

Photo Review: Riot Fest – Denver – Day 2 – 9-22-2013

26 Sep

All photography by Kyle Matteson For more information on RiotFest, click here.

Photo Review: Riot Fest – Denver – Day 1 – 9-21-2013

25 Sep

All photography by Kyle Matteson For more information on RiotFest, click here.

The Replacements at Riot Fest Denver

24 Sep

 Review and Photos by Kyle Matteson The second the band stepped on stage on a cool Saturday night an hour outside of Denver, I knew that this show was going to be quite a different animal than the more focused (yet still great) show in Toronto a month prior. How did i know you ask? […]

Portland Cello Project

13 Sep

By: CAS Going to church as a child, the choir, or the organ preludes and postludes were often the most thrilling and moving parts of the morning. As an adult, some of the best concert experiences have come in churches – Andrew Bird‘s Gezelligheid show at St. Mark’s Episcopal, Zoo Animal, Retribution Gospel Choir & […]

On 9.26 – Rachel Ries at the Cake Shop

29 Aug

When Jeremy Messersmith tells you that you should book an artist, you listen. It helps when that artist is Rachel Ries, a singer-songwriter who has toured with Anaïs Mitchell and Bon Iver, draws comparisons to Regina Spektor with a dash of jazz, and writes sweetly moving, evocative songs. The Cake Shop is excited to host […]

The National

9 Aug

Random Brain Dump from The National at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium -Totally missed the openers, Daughter, because of the looming, ominous hail-rain that swept across the Cities, perhaps as some sort of pathetic fallacy for The National‘s music. -The Roy gets a fairly deserved rap as the worst-sounding room in town, bu stage left, under […]

The Guest List

7 Aug

CakeIn15 pal Pat Dougherty of Fairfax, AK has kicked off a new podcast series for KFAI called The Guest List! The intro to the first episode has Dougherty talking about the flash of inspiration of trying to make friends and connections with these other musicians who are his “best friends” even though so many of […]

Wedding at the Entry!

2 Aug

Staciaann & c.a.s. got hitched at the Entry! It was magical, with great music from Caroline Smith & Jesse Schuster, Jeremy Messersmith, DJ David Stromdahl, David Campbell and the Blackberry Brandy Boys. And then this happened. It’s the thought that counts.