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Crime and Punishment at the Soap Factory

12 Apr

There’s an old Borscht Belt joke that has two patrons at a restaurant complaining about the food. “The food here is so terrible,” the first exclaims. “Yes,” agrees the second, “and the portions are so small!” Live Action Set’s Crime and Punishment feels very much in that vein, including the “terrible” part – as in, […]

EX by Skewed Visions

26 Oct

If you’ve been through the collection of the Walker Art Center looking for the brightest and flashiest pieces, you would have walked right past Robert Gober’s sculpture, Untitled Door and Door Frame. An ordinary, white painted door frame opens up into a small, fluorescent-lit room, where the companion piece, the door itself, leans up against […]

2014 Stone Arch Bridge Festival Announces Music Lineup

20 May

The Stone Arch Bridge Festival has finally announced their lineup for 2014! Our very own Staciaann continues her streak, booking the festival for the 8th year in a row. This year features a wide variety of hip-hop, good ol’ fashioned rock n’ roll, folk, jazz, and country, as well as a few things that just […]

Leav Kickstarter

4 Mar

We’ve written in the past about some Kickstarter campaigns that we’ve liked, supported or given a boost. Usually they’ve been for a musician, a show or something like that, but this time around it’s for a mix of all those things, in a really exciting package. It’s Leav, a new platform for smartphones that ties […]

The Cats Will Play – at the Minnesota State Fair

3 Sep

By: Pat O’Brien Looking at cat videos on the internet seems at once both amusing and silly. There are famous cats (more of that in a minute), and not-so-famous cats who happened to do something funny once (see:┬ávideo of the cat licking the turned-on vacuum). Watching these videos alone in your own home (or at […]

MN Musicians Vote NO

25 Oct

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we believe in bringing people together and building them up, whether it’s through music, art, theater and fashion or through politics. It doesn’t mean that we can’t disagree – that’s most of the fun of criticism and the arts – but it does mean that […]

Kick-start my Heart

30 May

Yeah, I realize that headline’s probably been used a billion times to talk about the crowd-source funding site Kickstarter, but whatever! Suck it! We here at CakeIn15 have helped successfully fund various local projects in the past – Caroline Smith & the Good Night Sleeps, Zoo Animal, Zak Sally,Bethany Larson & the Bees Knees, Koo […]

2012 Stone Arch Bridge Festival Announced

19 Apr

So this year there’s some new things! First off, the festival hours have been extended until 7pm both Saturday and Sunday, so that’s pretty great, AND they’ve added night shows on Friday and Saturday – FREE night shows! (Those will be announced later) There’s also a new partnership with the No Coast Craft-o-rama indie artists […]

The 802 Tour

26 Mar

While introducing the members of the 802 tour, Walker Performing Arts Curator Philip Bither remarked on how the talents of the musicians involved dissolved genres into something new. That’s not exactly the case, because the genres still very much present and instead of a dissolution, it’s a delectable layer cake of musicality. Intermingling on stage […]

red, black and GREEN: a blues

17 Mar

There are three things that I feel I need to disclose before I can write anything honest about the brilliant and incisive red, black & GREEN: a blues by Marc Bamuthi Joseph/The Living Word Project at the Walker Art Center. 1) I spent the formative years of my childhood living in Egypt, a white boy […]