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You’re the Inspiration Part 1: A Pie Love Affair

12 Apr

(I was going to call this you’re the insPIEration, but thought maybe that was too punny)

My oh my do I love pie. Even though I was known for cake, I have always preferred to eat pie. Lucky for me there is a lot of great pie here in the great white north. In the past 2 days I have hit up 3 pie places: and there will be more within this great spring excursion!

I already waxed poetic about Bang Bang, so I won’t get redundant. This morning I had to be in a far flung northern suburb of Chicago, so I started my day at Dollop Coffee and Hoosier Mama Pie Shop in Evanston. This shop has a full bakery in it, the first Hoosier Mama Pie Shop is in Chicago proper, in the Ukrainian Village/West Town area. I knew they had biscuit breakfast sandwiches, so I though that would be a great place to get breakfast and a slice to go for after my event.

I ordered the biscuit with egg, mushroom and Gruyere,  a soy vanilla latte and sat down with my laptop to do a bit of paperwork before my event. It was a beautiful spring day, and sitting in the window with a delicious breakfast and coffee was a perfect way to begin. I ordered a piece of the chai pear pie to go, but ended up eating it while drinking my coffee (ooops!). It was a custard pie: I would say not overly chai or overly pear, but tasty nonetheless!

In summation: I am a fan of Hoosier Mama! I quite like sitting in their shop.


After I finished up with the shoe event in Schaumberg I drove up to Milwaukee. We all know how I feel about Milwaukee! I went straight to one of my favorites, as I wanted more pie (sweet tooth always prevails) and a little comfort food. My allergies have had me really run down, and I also knew this place would do a great warm cocktail.

Honey Pie Cafe is in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee. I have been going here for years, and it is just so lovely and delicious. They are dedicated to using local ingredients, and their food always shows the care that they put in. It is serious Midwestern comfort food, which I can never be mad at.


I sat at the bar, and ordered a hot toddy. They fabulous bartendress made it with ginger bourbon. Let me repeat that. GINGER. BOURBON. Where have you been all my life ginger bourbon? Let’s get to know each other better. I ordered my comfort food usual, a green salad and macaroni and cheese.

The salad: BEAUTIFUL. Fresh, bursting with flavor. No bag salad here! With a champagne mustard vinaigrette. Just lovely.

The Mac and Cheese: YES. Covered in bacon, just serious comfort food. I make a pretty damn fine mac and cheese, so when I can find one in the world that I love, I am extra happy.

I ordered the strawberry malt pie to go, as I wanted to eat it while watching the premier of Game of Thrones tonight. Fully strawberry, fluffy and creamy. Kinda overly sweet, though. I think what I have found is I am more akin to real fruit pies, less on the cream pie side. Good to know!



In summation: Honey Pie is the stone cold jam. They have great vegetarian and vegan options as well: even vegan cupcakes! However if you are in to meat: PORK FRIES. Do it.

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