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Suck The Head: New Orleans

8 Apr

DISCLAIMER: this post is not gonna be the same as others. Since I was with my friends on vacation and a little booze soaked at all times I wasn’t as diligent about taking photos and notes. But I will do my best! 

New Orleans, you are a blessing and a curse. I could get lost in this city for ever if I wasn’t careful. I know I am not the only one, it is known for delicious decadence. When my sister, Jecca, suggested that she and I meet up there to meet our (yes our, we are good at sharing) best friend in New Orleans I immediately responded with OBVIOUSLY.

The last time I was in New Orleans was for said best friends wedding 6 years ago. Siobhan and her fabulous wife JV lived there at the time, moved back to the Twin Cities, now have an amazing little boy (Hi R!) and then recently moved back to NOLA. Since Jecca, Siobhan and I all now live in different cities (yet again) this was a great opportunity to have some time to hang out and celebrate Jecca!

I got it on Jecca’s actual birthday, took a cab to Siobhan’s house and we had a plan to hit up a drive thru daiquiri place. Yes, that’s right, DRIVE THRU BOOZE. Apparently they can’t be in the city limits of NOLA anymore but right outside: there they are! Here is me in the back seat of Siobhan’s car with my cup of booze.


For Jecca’s birthday dinner we went to a place called Mat and Naddie’s that S and JV are fans of. Jecca and Siobhan are both vegetarians, JV is both gluten and dairy intolerant, so this place could accommodate all of our needs. It is in a house with a beautiful patio, and we sat in what they call “the clubhouse”. It was a glorious night, and we had a fantastic meal. What did we eat? I can’t even start to remember. But it was all delicious. I did take a picture of the pie: lemon icebox pie! Southern goodness.


We then hit the bars: there was champagne and whiskey and fun.

The next day we went to Magazine street: to brunch at Surrey’s. Shrimp and grits and strong iced coffee is just what I needed. Another winner!


Okay now things start to get a little fuzzy: so here is just a list of goodness and some photos. GET THEE TO NEW ORLEANS. You will be happy with whatever you do there.







The Franklin : craft cocktails

Cafe Du Monde : BEGINETS

13 Monaghan : debris and frozen irish coffee

K-Jeans: all of the boiled seafood. crawfish for days.

Superior Seafood : oysters

Molly’s at the Market : dive bar goodness

Fiorella’s Cafe : fried chicken. no really. FRIED CHICKEN. do not miss this.


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