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Coffee, how I love thee

5 Mar

By: Sheela Num Num

Dear Coffee,

I have tried, oh how I have tried, to give you up. But I just can’t quit you. Especially when I am driving the length of Wisconsin. So it’s great that you have some amazing purveyors in the land of beer and cheese.

1In fact, some of my favorite coffee is roasted in Milwaukee. Colectivo Coffee Roasters has many things going for it: fresh roasted, perfectly balanced. The aesthetic is brilliant: cute but not precious. All of their cafes have extensive menus of bakery, breakfast and lunch items in addition to a strong coffee program. They have a bake house and 11 cafes, a baker house & roastery in Milwaukee, two cafes in Madison and one in Grafton.

So I am a little gaga over this place. Maybe it is the years I have spent sitting in coffee shops and cafes writing papers, playing cards, swirling slow pokes in to thick black coffee. But if I have time in Milwaukee to sit in a Colectivo, it makes me really happy.


I had about an hour to kill before an appointment yesterday so I was able to have a little breakfast and coffee while making some calls. I was at the Bayshore location, not necessarily my favorite (I tend to favor the Bayview location as this is where the bakehouse is. I know I know, once a bakery girl always a bakery girl) but it right next to where I needed to be. Soy vanilla latte and baked oatmeal with yogurt. It was 3 degrees with a whipping wind outside, so this was a pretty ideal.

(Yes, I do have a travel coffee mug from Colectivo. I just love their design!)

In summation: I love this coffee, it’s cafes and always not pretentious service. One place in Minneapolis carries it: last time I checked: Victory 44 has Colectivo coffee and espresso. Do yourself a favor when in Milwaukee!

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