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3 Mar

By: Sheela Num Num

When one is on the road, one watches the weather like a hawk. Midwesterners already have a predilection to watch the weather, so I have now become a crazy person checking the weather channel app on my phone every hour. I looked before I went to bed in Green Bay, checking on the crazy snow storm that was to hit Wisconsin in the wee hours of the morning.

1   I awoke to, well, not much snow. Hurrah! It was indeed snowing, but the crazy storm of March had been downgraded to 1-3″ of snow. I can handle that. So up and away I went towards Door County. I stopped for coffee at a bakery that looked adorable, took one sip when I got in my car, and promptly ditched it. Espresso WAY over pulled, super bitter. Humph. Green Bay, you are not winning thus far. Will have to get coffee later on this journey.

I arrived at my destination early, on purpose. The store I was to visit is not only a Swedish themed boutique, but also a restaurant. PERFECT. Swedish breakfast here I come!

2Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant and Butik is in the village of Sister Bay, Wisconsin. Yes, you read that right, village. 3 square miles of village on Lake Michigan. I am sure when it’s not snowing and it is summer and sunny this place is crazy adorable. It was pretty darn cute covered in snow.

I went in to the large dining room, got myself a table and was greeted by a woman in traditional Swedish garb. Keepin’ it real, Al Johnsons! I checked over the menu: hoping for some old school Swedish breakfast. Lo and Behold! Swedish pancakes with lingonberries and a side of Swedish meatballs. Sign me up!

Everything was delicious. The Swedish meatballs reminded me of the kind my mom used to make. It made me super happy. And made up for the terrible coffee of 2 hours earlier. Fast, friendly service and from scratch food. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

In summation: When in Door County check this place out! The boutique has some great stuff in it, and they had lots of Scandinavian candy, a favorite of mine.

Not Really Post Script:

On my way in to Sisters Bay I saw out of the corner of my eye a tiny coffee shop called Bearded Heart Coffee. What the What? I am in Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin. This place looked amazing. I made a mental note to stop on my way back out of town.

4 3

Stop I did: and I am SO GLAD. They are serving Dogwood Coffee (shout out to Minneapolis), have locally brewed Kombucha from Tapuat, fresh bakery items, vegan options, and all around coolness. I was never so happy to drink a Dogwood Latte, it made my day so so so much better.  This is a photo of Mo, who made me a fantastic latte, gave me a recommendation to get the 3 root kombucha (which I LOVED), and was all around awesome.  If you find yourself in Door County: go here every day. I mean, EVERY DAY. I wish that it was closer to me at all times!

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