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Algonquin For The Good Land

3 Mar

By: Sheela Num Num

Anyone who knows me has heard me rave about Milwaukee in the past year. I have fallen in love with this city. Fantastic bars, an up and coming restaurant scene, beautiful old architecture. I am glad I have to come here about every 6 weeks or so, I am really getting to know more of the nooks and crannies of this town.

It is helpful that I have a guide: my buddies Jason & Tracy live here (Plug! Check out their etsy shop: I Love Vintage Stuff). Jason has given me lots of great suggestions of places to hit, and he never steers me wrong. In doing this project, I will have broaden my horizons a little, since I have become addicted to a few places. This post will have some of my favorite highlights: and next time I am in Milwaukee I’ll start going to the new.

I got in town about 4pm today, and I already knew where I was headed for dinner. Jason told me about a ramen shop called Tochi Ramen in the Shorewood neighborhood. I first went here about a year ago, and I cannot stop going. Everything I have tried here has been delicious. Tonight was no exception.

I arrived about 5pm: which I was excited about as there is a home store above Tochi called ModGen that I haven’t had a chance to check out, as they are always closed by the time I get to the ramen. Man, I could spend way too much money at this place. Kitchen, gardening, cards, candles, bar supplies, locally made jams and pickles. All too cute. I got out with a lemongrass candle and went downstairs for noodles.

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I started with their edamame, which has a sauce of sesame chili oil, veggie stock, yuzu and smoked salt. Yes please. Just what I wanted. I have had their steam buns in the past: the pork belly and smoked tofu and they are both lovely.

I got the ramen I always get: the Tochi Ramen. It is a pork belly ramen with a miso-pork broth, welsh onion, noodles and a miso deviled egg. Deviled egg! I love it. I know I should try another kind when I am there, but I am hooked on this one.

In summation:
Tochi is Bomb. Get to it!

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Milwaukee is for Lovers (of cocktails)One of the things I have found amazing about Milwaukee are the bars. There are BARS, not restaurants with bars, or bars with food. Just bars. Really cool, old school, friendly bars. One of my favorites is Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge. It has been around since 1938, and looks like it hasn’t been updated since 1973. Old school Hi-Fi, dark and inviting, in an old house on a corner. This is what I am talking about. Even better: no menu. Over 450 cocktails, but no menu. This I love. You have to talk to your bartender, who is always awesome. Start chatting about the things you like, flavors and liquors. Then a beautiful cocktail will come to you. I adore this. I feel like this is what a bar should be. Cozy, inviting, perfect.

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