Music for Brandee Mitchell

13 Feb

1475971_1021655994516283_7390581269711661112_nOne of the biggest supporters of Minnesota music is in this photo. His name is Kent Mitchell, and he’s pictured with his daughter, Brandee, who’s only 33 years old. Brandee has been through a LOT of life – including that jerk cancer that just won’t seem to go away. Her parents have been loving, amazing, people throughout everything and moved her back to Hudson, WI, to stay with them as a last ditch effort to get more treatment and hopefully save her life.

Unfortunately, that effort has come to an end and Brandee is in home hospice. One thing we at CakeIn15 thought we could help with is music. Music is full of memory, emotion, love, loss, comfort, and joy.

We’ve asked a handful of various musicians to come with us tomorrow to celebrate Brandee’s life and play some music for her as her journey fades.

Kent asked me to put up this lovely tune recorded by Ben Kyle and dedicated to Brandee, so he could share it with friends on Facebook.

For Brandee (click to play)

Feel free to leave messages for Kent and Brandee in the comments.You can check in on Brandee and her family at Caring Bridge. If you’re interested in playing music for Brandee, contact us at

We love you guys.

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