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All the Feels

18 Nov

We here at CakeIn15 can’t help but feel all the feels when reading this love story. Because it is just that. A story of love. Yes, it’s also a cancer story, and a heartbreaking one at that. The wisdom and grace with which this Minneapolis family has handled this situation makes us proud to be human.

Start reading their story, and help out Ralphie, Nora, and Aaron by donating here. We are thinking about you & sending you positive vibes and love.

You can also order a “Still Kickin” t-shirt here, if you’d rather support that way. xo


Ralph has always known about Aaron. He was a calm, serene newborn. He never cried, never fussed. He always curled into Aaron at night, even though I was his food source and first home (I am still slightly offended by this, clearly). If Aaron needed me, Ralph would patiently wait his turn. He crawled for the first time in a hospital bed at Abbott. He came to appointments and chemo and waited calmly and patiently, he cuddled with nurses and with lonely old folks who looked like they needed it. He has his father’s heart, and his father’s face (also slightly offended because I did contribute 50% of his genetic material, so…) He has always been tender. He touches Aaron’s scar and kisses his head. The night we told our family about hospice, Ralph set down his blocks, climbed onto the couch and pushed me aside. “I luh you Papa.” He said, and kissed and hugged his father. Today, he keeps coming into the room to say hello, and say good-bye. “All done!” He says “I luh you!” #ralphiegrams

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