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Tonight! Radical Face at the Varsity Theater

16 Oct


So there’s this guy Radical Face that CAS and Staciaann have been raving about since around 2007.The story starts like this… Staciaann had an old school MySpace account and actually used it to find new music. A photo of a dude with a lightbulb in front of his face popped up in a sidebar, and so she decided to check it out.


When she clicked on the page, this song began to play:

A few days later, she still couldn’t get this song out of her head. The melody, the swells, the lyrics… so she went to the Electric Fetus in hopes they’d have his only album, Ghost. Oddly enough, they actually had one copy, so home it went. Some tracks, like “Wrapped in Piano Strings” were instant favorites, and as she listened it began to seep into her mind as something incredibly relatable. It was a winter album. Something that connected somewhere inside during that season. So every year since 2007 that CD stays in her car starting in October and continuing until March. It’s an album you can keep the windows rolled up and turn the dial to its max and just absorb. It makes things better when it’s dark outside as you’re coming home from work. It’s also on every computer she’s ever owned “just in case.”

After some simple internet research Staciaann found Ben Cooper. Cooper isn’t just the genius behind her favorite album and the moniker Radical Face, but he’s also the founder of bands like Electric President, Unkle Stiltskin, and a few others. However, he’s proven fairly elusive given he apparently only likes to leave Jacksonville, Florida, to do things like play in Street Fighter tournaments (Thanks to Astronautalis for the tip).

So now it’s 2010 and Staciaann and CAS venture to SXSW. Turns out, Electric President is playing the last night. It’s a shitty hole in the wall dance club. The sound sucks, the kid next to Staciaann won’t stop (loudly) singing every word, and there are multiple issues with the monitors and computers. It is bad enough that one of Cooper’s bandmates steps up to do some yo-yo tricks to keep the audience engaged (he was actually really amazing). BUT they didn’t care. Who knew when this opportunity would come again? It seems all fantasy-like and perhaps we’re overselling it, but it was a great night. …and Staciaann even got to meet and talk with Cooper a bit. She begged him to come to Minnesota or somewhere close-by with a Radical Face show.


A few months later Cooper attempted to put together a series of house shows around the country – and hey! That’s what the Cake Shop is for! But alas, funding fell through and the tour never happened. Flash forward to 2013 and specifically to tonight. This guy who seems to be a bit of a recluse, who never tours, is here. In Minneapolis. As Radical Face.

Tickets will be available at the door. For more information on tonight’s show, click here.

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