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Sam Amidon at The Cedar 10-1-2013

3 Oct


Photo credit: Terry Magson

By: Kyle Matteson

Vermont folk artist, Sam Amidon‘s latest record ‘Bright Sunny South‘ is not only one of the best folk albums of 2013, it’s also one of the best albums in general of the year. His music has drawn comparisons to Nick Drake, Richard Buckner, and Jose Gonzalez, which is pretty fantastic company. His musicĀ isn’t exactly light-hearted, so it was a surprise to myself and many in the audience when he spent much of his spirited hour long set telling goofy anecdotes, consisting of made up topics such as Kirsten Dunst‘s starry gaze haunting him throughout her filmography, Johnny Depp‘s future musical career (featuring such albums as ‘Depp End of the Pool’ and ‘Johnny Submerged’), and Jimi Hendrix coming to him in a dream and ghost writing a song for him.

Those somewhat silly jokes were in stark contrast to his soft folk music, in which Amidon switched between acoustic guitar, banjo, and violin. Before playing a gorgeous traditional Irish folk song, Amidon proceeded to poorly play and tune his violin, to which the audience was a little unsure but eventually broke out in laughter. That was just one of the many moments where the show felt like Amidon was just playing for a group of his friends in someone’s basement (and sadly the turnout likely could have fit in most basements), but he didn’t seem to let the small crowd affect his performance.

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