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1 Feb

Kathryn Fumie (Emma Woodhouse), Hannah K. Holman (Harriet Smith) and Tanner Curl (George Knightley). Plus, champagne out of the bottle.

Kathryn Fumie (Emma Woodhouse), Hannah K. Holman (Harriet Smith) and Tanner Curl (George Knightley). Plus, champagne out of the bottle.

So c.a.s. is part of the local theater company Savage Umbrella, and when Savage Umbrella mounts full productions, he tends to make thematic mixes for the show, for the same reasons that you made mixtapes for sweethearts in middle school – you want the show to be impressed and love you back. For the most recent production, Emma Woodhouse Is Not a Bitch, a contemporary adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, here’s a mix full of love and money, of fuckups and putting it back together, and some fun too. The show opens Friday, February 1 and runs through February 23. Tickets, details and more here, and on with the music!

She – Laura Mvula
A gorgeous new tune from a UK artist who is just now picking up some stateside recognition.

Danse Carribe – Andrew Bird
Andrew Bird can really do no wrong in our eyes.

Backscratcher – Free Energy
Current fan vid title not withstanding, Free Energy put out this little ditty on a Canadian comp put together by the fine folks of Hollerado (more from them later).

Shine – MaLLy & The Sundance Kid
Don’t fight MaLLy for control of the Hole in the Wall Gang, he’s gonna win.

Bloody Poetry – Grieves
Carrying on with the keys and beats, but now the party’s over, a dark vision that Grieves executes so well.

Measure the Globe – Astronautalis
We don’t really need a reason to put this on a mixtape about searching for love and going wrong, do we?

She’s Gone – Mankwe
After seeing her back up and collaborate with a lot of great artists, Mankwe Ndosi struts her own stuff, and it is worth swinging to. Here’s “Smile'” a different taste.

Find Yourself a Lover – The Ericksons
DISCLAIMER ALERT: c.a.s. has been working promo around The Ericksons’ new record, The Wild, but it was the rough mix of this tune that totally sold him. Here’s “Gone Blind,” their lead single.

The Ericksons-Gone Blind (Official Video) from Eliza Cate on Vimeo.

As We Sink A Foot Deeper Into The Earth – Wiping Out Thousands
Wiping Out Thousands make our little digital warrens into blistering cathedrals and white-knuckled architecture.

The Best Revenge – Fischerspooner
If you’re putting on a play about class misunderstandings, using a song from a high-concept art-pop band with a phrase that Mitt Romney misquoted seems like a good choice.

Dissolve Me – Alt-J (∆)
For all the sweethearts that sleep apart…

Good Day At The Races – Hollerado
For all the struggle around finding yourself and disappointment, you can still ride an ostrich and it’ll be OK.

You Are Forgiven – Anaïs Mitchell
Mitchell is such strange blossom, rooted in the furrows of American heartbreak and hope.

True Love – Mark Mallman
Because it’s the best.

NORTHERN OUTPOST Presents: Mark Mallman LIVE – “True Love” from Northern Outpost on Vimeo.

Old Friends (Bookends Theme) – Valerie Milot & Antoine Bareil
Because so much of the work of Savage Umbrella is about adapting the familiar, and finding new beauties and meanings. Here’s their take on “Scarborough Fair,” which is, of course, a much more traditional tune. Just ignore the soul patch.

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