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Photo Review: Augustana at the Varsity Theater – January 14, 2013

17 Jan

Photos by Emily Skeels

Augustana Concert

Opener Lauren Shera

Augustana Concert_0038 (c)

Augustana Concert_0051(c)

Augustana Concert_0060(c)


Augustana Concert_0100(c)

Augustana Concert_0102(c)

Augustana Concert_0106(c)

Augustana Concert_0125(c)

Augustana Concert_0187(c)

Augustana Concert_0211(c)

Augustana Concert_0229(c)

Augustana Concert_0238(c)

Augustana Concert_0240(c)

Augustana Concert_0314(c)

Augustana Concert_0320(c)

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