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A Slice of Music

30 Nov

Hello world, sorry it’s been so long since we’ve been in touch. It’s been busy at the Cake Shop; moving, making photographs, writing plays, sending press releases, teaching the youth, taking classes, passing notes, paying attention, voting NO and trying to catch forty winks here and there, it all takes a toll on the blogosphere effort. But kind and generous and interesting people keep on sending us new music, people we like keep on putting out new records and it’s always nonstop, so we wanted to take a minute and highlight some of what we’ve liked that has come across our inbox in the last month or so.

Tyler Haag

Tyler Haag split up with his old band, The Annandale Cardinals, got out of a 7-year relationship and lost a grandmother, all in time to sit at a bar, hole up in his apartment and write. The tunes on his solo debut, One Last Chance, sound just like that story, with a rocking bar band backing up Haag’s defiant, wistful drawl. Catch the CD release at the Hexagon tonight, and read more about the classy debauchery over at Gimme Noise.

Greg Grease

Greg Grease is a brilliant reminder that the local hip-hop universe does not begin and end with RSE and DTR. The luscious, woozy, hypnotic production on Cornbread, Pearl & G perfectly complements Grease’s bouncing flow, which manages to be both laid-back and confidently aggressive at the same time, nailing down Native Tongues-by-way-of-late-Miles-Davis modern man’s hustle. Cornbread, Pearl & G drops on December 14, but the single “C.R.E.A.M. Dreams” is out now and worth your time.

The Ericksons

Now, c.a.s., through his PR arm Crown & Sparrow, is working the record release of The Wild for The Ericksons, so big flashing disclaimer here that he’s paid for this. But he also just genuinely likes their music, and the harmonies that sisters Bethany Valentini and Jennifer Kochsiek weave together on top of their folky, atmospheric songs of heartbreak and survival. (For the record, The Wild was recorded at Justin Vernon’s April Base studios, not a bad setup for beautiful songs of losing love and moving on.) The full record isn’t out until January 17 at the Cedar, but the first single, “Gone Blind” is available now.


Los Angeles-based Allah-Las‘ sun-drenched, surf-rocking eponymous LP debut (out on Innovative Leisure) got a fair amount of spins in the car this summer, and now that the grey has moved in, the halcyon postcard that is the video for “Vis-a-Vis” is a welcome reminder of warmth, as well as a soothing response to this Vice article on why L.A. sucks. Read more from the band here.

Jonny Pierce

The Drums frontman Jonny Pierce goes solo, darker and way more electronic with his new single, “I Didn’t Realise,” which feels like an extended riff on The Unicorns, tongue out of cheek and eyes cast somewhere towards the ground. Not that The Drums had particularly uplifting lyrics to begin with, but it’ll be interesting to see where this goes.

Wiping Out Thousands

Thank You (This Came First Release Show) from Wiping out Thousands on Vimeo.

The Wiping Out Thousands record release for This Came First at the beginning of the month was a thrilling and audacious slice of danceable electronica, and was easily a highlight of the month (check out Staciaann’s photos for here.) From the art prints to the stage presence to the Talking Heads covers, the duo of Alaine Dickman and Taylor Nelson put on a great, confident show. Catch them tonight, along with CakeIn15 pals Phantom Tails, at Icehouse.

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