Matt and Kim with Oberhofer at First Avenue – November 7, 2012

9 Nov

By: Aundrea Billings

Like many writers here at CakeIn15 I like to consider myself a purveyor of new and interesting music.  I work hard to find music that I’m certain will never make its way into the “mainstream’s” collective consciousness.  Every once in awhile I let myself slip – because after all I am only human and find myself liking a song or a band that makes me call my own taste into question. Well, that “once in a while” happened again on Wednesday night after seeing Oberhofer and Matt and Kim in First Avenue’s mainroom.

Amidst a crowd teaming with tween hipsters, small children, and parents there against their will, I hurried in to catch the second half of Oberhofer’s set.  I knew Oberhofer was going to be at least bearable if not toe-tapping after stumbling upon them at the Hype Hotel at this past year’s SXSW. Songwriter, Brad Oberhofer’s constant “ooos” and “ahhs” are tiring to say the least, but his repetitive chorus’ still end up annoyingly catchy. By the end of the band’s set I had fallen for their charms yet again, but felt confident that my clear distain for the dancey pop sound of Matt and Kim would help to redeem my status as a tasteful, bleeding edge music fan.

Enraged with myself for the moments of weakness during the opening act, I made a beeline to the bar.  With beer in hand I watched as Matt and Kim turned the crowd into a duck-faced, dancing mass. Despite my best efforts, by the third song the duo’s infectious high energy had me angry with my feet every time they started keeping pace with the beat.  By about mid-set I was desperately-seeking-drunk as a result of catching myself nearly singing along to the familiar, “Tonight.”

The best advice this reviewer can give when it comes to keeping your musical pallet untainted by popular music culture is to avoid bands and shows that you know are likely to fit that bill.  Otherwise you may end up like me – standing next to a group of 15-year-old screaming, arm-flailing, cheap red-lipstick-wearing teenagers – actually dancing and singing along yourself. (Ed. Note: I love Matt & Kim for this exact reason 😛)

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