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MN Musicians Vote NO

25 Oct

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we believe in bringing people together and building them up, whether it’s through music, art, theater and fashion or through politics. It doesn’t mean that we can’t disagree – that’s most of the fun of criticism and the arts – but it does mean that the channels of communication and exchange have to be open. We have to be able to say “yes” to each other as artists and humans, and this fall, that means voting NO on these two hurtful and divisive amendments.

The Marriage Inequality amendment would enshrine discrimination into Minnesota’s constitution and hurt the thousands of GLBTQ families by making them permanent second class citizens. Just like the best remedy for crappy music is to have more music, the best way to protect marriage is to expand it to all those who participate in the institution.

The Voter Restriction amendment is an unfunded mandate that would force expensive changes on Minnesota’s voters and unfairly targets the elderly, the poor, veterans and college students. It’s like telling the most interesting people in your life that they aren’t worth the effort, while at the same time voting for a tax hike, because that’s how this monstrosity would have to be funded. Both of these constitutional amendments would put us in a poorer, more divided place, and Minnesota can do better.

We’re sure you’ve heard these messages before, but we’re in the last weeks of the campaigning, and so now is the time to get involved. Please join us on Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th at the Triple Rock Social Club – you can get your tickets here – for two kickass lineups that should leave you fired up to make a change. Ticket proceeds will benefit the two organizations taking the lead against these amendments, Minnesotans United for All Families on Marriage Inequality and Take Action MN on Voter Restriction. Your dollars help them air TV and radio ads, run campaign offices and get out the vote, but more than your dollars, your volunteer hours can make a huge impact – just click through to the website to find out more information about phone banking and door knocking. Just like having a conversation about your new favorite band is the best way to build up that band, a conversation you have about why you are voting NO is the best way to get that word out and build the vote NO movement. Check the Facebook event for some of the chatter and the music community members participating.

Thanks to the great folks at Modern Radio Record Label for helping get this all together, to Burlesque of North America for the sick poster and to the Triple Rock for being such awesome hosts. We’ll see you all this weekend, and out at the polls on November 6. And if you need a little more convincing, here are a couple great videos related to the issues of each amendment – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on equality, and Sarah Silverman skewering voter restriction. So vote NO, if only for your Nana.

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