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Kimbra at the Varsity – October 16, 2012

18 Oct

By: Niki Schultz

Fall nights here in the Twin Cities can be quite stunning, leaves falling from the trees, all of our favorite coffee shops pouring out warm concoctions to fit the mood, as well as some divine artists traveling through town, even with winter biting at their heels.

One such artist is Kimbra, who has been through Minneapolis three times this year alone – surprisingly all in her first year touring the United States.  For most of us that isn’t too shocking, considering the amount of bands that frequent this area and how impactful touring can be in general.  But for an artist originally from New Zealand, this  shows that she’s either crazy, or quite talented, to which I agree with the later.

Kimbra graced us with her presence performing to a sold out crowd at the Varsity Theater, along with opener The Stepkids, who wowed the crowd with their exhilarating light show projected onto the stage, as well as their soul-derived jazz and funk tunes.

Before Kimbra had even stepped on stage, the crowd was already screaming her name.  Her music is infectious, due to the fact that it doesn’t stay true to one genre, but connects many together, in a way that is both invigorating and exciting. The floating melodies and electric harmonies began to pour off of stage as she opened with ‘Limbo’ off her 2012 release Vows – Vows was released in the US in May, but a year ago in New Zealand and Australia.   Her set evolved from song to song, with only slight witty commentary in between, as well as numerous thank yous and amazement by the young artist who still seems to be in shock over her success.  Each song creates its own canvas, to which the melodies are painted on and surrounded by other flourishes, with which she has newly created each and every time.

From the first time hearing her single ‘Settle Down’ to the widely successful collaboration with GotyeSomebody that I Used to Know’, Kimbra has been amazing audiences in full force, thanks in part to finding her true voice in music, not being afraid to push boundaries, and delivering songs that connect with audience members easily, and sweep them off of their feet.

Thanks to the eight track recorder that she borrowed when still developing her songs, her creativity has spun off since even her last album, causing a re-creation of her singles, so each performance is one of its own – not a repeat every night she performs.  She defies the definition of a genre, both by combining signature pieces of each, as well as twisting them in her own way and mastering the art of conveying a voice or message through music.

From beginning here in the States with numerous showcases at SXSW, to touring with both Gotye and Foster the People, Kimbra is now out showcasing her full album to the world, and only good things can be ahead for this truly delightful artist.

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