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Join CakeIn15 in Supporting ALL Families in Minnesota

26 Sep

Soooo big news you guys! CAS asked Staciaann to marry him, and she said “yes!!” This is a very exciting time for CakeIn15, and we love sharing exciting times with our readers.

Since we’re getting married, we want to make sure you know that we want the same option for all families!

Our friends at Zeus Jones (and others) created this lovely video animation, as well as a website to help spread the word and discuss what this amendment is really all about.

Vote No For All from Daniel Horan on Vimeo.

These cool cats have also created a way for you to show your support. Wear a ring. Yup. That’s it. How do you get one? Easy.

Two ways to get your rings:
1. Pick them up!

Many local businesses around the Metro area are or will be carrying them. If you’re local, help us save on costs and email for the latest list.

If you’re in Uptown, just stop by Zeus Jones (2640 Lyndale Ave S – Across the street from Bob’s Java Hut) to pick up your rings. They’ll be available between 8am and 6pm. Look for the For All sign on the door.

2. To the internet! Click here and order some for yourself and all your friends.

Help support equal rights for ALL and Vote NO on November 6th.  We love love!!

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