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Bass Drum of Death: Thunder Chords at The Entry

27 Jun

by Rob Frost

When I think of a Monday night in Minneapolis it’s almost always followed by what’s going on Tuesday night. In other words, the city usually seems like it’s stuck in an old western right before a showdown. Phantom Tails, DZ Deathrays, and Bass Drum of Death smacked the city in the face hard as they took stage at 7th Street Entry. I felt the room shake like I was caught in the sky during a thunderstorm. Power was a word that couldn’t even begin to describe what went on.

Phantom Tails took the stage first with some classic tunes. If you have never seen these guys you are in for a jaw dropping experience. Watching Phantom Tails live is like eating your favorite food for the first time. You immediately want more and get hooked for life. They have always reminded me of Queens of the Stone Age dropping acid with Joy Division. The perfect blend of distortion and electronic delight.

DZ Deathrays is a duo from Australia. These guys have been touring hard for quite some time now and have proved to me that Australia can rock. Though a strong vocal melody here is rare, all is made up in the wild and fresh sounding guitar effects. I can honestly say I didn’t know the guitar could make some of those sounds. Keep it up guys, and next time you’re in town, show me how to use that boss splicer. Seriously, I can never get a sound out of mine that isn’t random oscillation noises.

Sadly, out of all the bands that played, I was the least impressed with Mississippi garage rockers, Bass Drum Of Death. I do think they have fascinating and catchy melodies with a strong beat to carry them – I just felt all their songs were a little too similar. I was really digging the first half of the set but after five songs I was ready for a change of pace. I think the one that stood out the most was, “White Fright” which is a new one that was just released on a split seven-inch with DZ Deathrays. I do give this band credit for touring as much as they have been. They hit it hard last year with the release of their album GB City and are still going strong. Don’t let my repetition comment discourage you from going to see these guys. If you like balls to the wall, thrashy, in-your-face garage rock, this band is right up your alley. For an out of town show on a Monday night, plenty of people came out to scream and raise their drinks in the name of rock.

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