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Speaking of the Guthrie…

23 Jun

Photo by George Byron Griffiths
If you’re not wrapped up in the middle of Pride partying, heading over to The Dirty Queer Show: Dirty Queertopia checking out some Minnesota Stars FC soccer action, there’s a party well worth crashing at the Guthrie tonight. After their annual many-dollars-a-plate fundraising dinner, Big Blue opens up to a costume ball/dance party, which is a great mix and was a riot last year.

Doing what they know works, the G are bringing back the always raucous Mayda, who tore the roof off the joint last year, and the DJ who always knows best, Jake Rudh, will be on the decks for the dance floor. And hey, since the dancers from Shapiro & Smith’s Anytown are around and Roman Holiday has a bunch of fun dance numbers, you might get to party with them. (Which would be the most fun you’d have around Roman Holiday. Trust us. The show works best if you squint you eyes and imagine that the lead is RT Rybak, which he looks kind of like and will keep you amused through awkward Ken Burns-ed photo montage projections.) But we digress. Party at the Guthrie tonight. Dress up. Get down. Make the space your own.

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