URGENT! Help David get his gear back!

4 Jun

UPDATE 6/5/12 – David got 90% of his gear back thanks to everyone’s work getting the word out there. GO TEAM! The only thing he’s still missing is his amp. Read more about what happened (it’s sort of nuts) here.

UPDATED WITH SERIAL NUMBERS AND SUCH!! If you know or saw anything, the police case number is also listed below.

We at CakeIn15 HATE hearing stuff like this. Our good friend David Campbell had some jerks steal his guitar and gear last night. Please do what you can to be on the lookout & share this post!

From David:

HELP! My guitar, pedals and pedal board, and amp were all stolen last night from a friend’s van parked behind his house in the Powderhorn Park area sometime between midnight and 7AM. This is a crushing blow for me financially and emotionally as that guitar is a one of a kind. It’s a 1996 Gibson Guitar Custom Shop Les Paul Florentine with a silver sparkle finish and a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece built for the NAMM convention. Amp was a 70’s Fender Silverface Vibrolux Reverb in a road-case with casters. The pedal board was a Pedal Train with the on-board power source in a hard case. The pedals included a Maxon AD 999 analog delay, a Frantone Creampuff/The Sweet (2 in 1), Fulltone Effects GT 500, Bassdrive Mosfet, and Clyde Deluxe wah (white), a Keeley Electronics compressor and a SiB Mr. Echo Plus. Doing what I can to get the word out and try and head the thief off before he/she unloads it…the jerk. Can you lend a hand? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Full details and serial number coming soon. 🙁


Police Case Number: 12-169524
Call (612) 673-5713           Property Crimes Dept. for 3rd precinct

If you have any information on any of this gear, PLEASE reach out to me!
David Campbell

Stolen from:
A van parked behind a friend’s home in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood between 35th and 36th on 14th Ave. between midnight and 7 on Monday, June 4th


1996 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Florentine with a silver sparkle finish and a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece built for the NAMM convention in case. [PHOTO ABOVE]
Serial Number: 8 9738


1978 Fender Silverface Vibrolux Reverb in a road-case with casters.
Serial Number: A29216

Pedal Board:

Pedaltrain 2 in a hard case with the Powertrain powersupply add underneath


1. Boss TU (2) Chromatic Tuner Pedal

2. SiB! Mr. Echo Plus Delay Pedal

3. Boss DD -3 Digital Delay Pedal

Serial Number: 0287821

4. Maxon AD – 999 Analog Delay Pedal

5. Boss PS3 pitch shifter and delay pedal

6. MXR M-101 Phase 90

serial number: AA57R290

7. Fulltone GT-500 (grey) Distortion / Booster

serial number: #1100

8. Frantone Cream Puff / The Sweet (2 in 1) pedal

9. Fulltone Bass-Drive MOSFET pedal

serial number: #2669

10. Keeley Electronics Compressor Pedal

serial number: 15146

11. Fulltone CLYDE Deluxe wah pedal

serial number: #4417

12. Ernie Ball VP Jr. volume pedal:


Wall wart power supply (for tuner)
Power cable for powertain 1250
1 blue guitar cable
1 grey and black striped guitar cable with 1 right angle end
Moster 5in connection cable
A bunch of other cables

3 Responses to “URGENT! Help David get his gear back!”

  1. S_DivaVox June 4, 2012 at 9:37 pm #

    Sorry 2 hear that- put an APB on Amazon, Craigslist, Ebay, ALL Pawn-shops, omg were U insured? or was your friends property/van insured? Prayers with U bro~Strange someone knew the gear was there…APB the hood too- may b someone you know/met. @>->—-HEY _ Any video surveillance of that neighborhood? Alley? Street? North? South? Google the exact address- they usually have video>>Check them ALL. Prayers.

  2. six June 4, 2012 at 10:28 pm #

    check local pawn shops 🙁

  3. Cosette June 6, 2012 at 3:14 pm #

    June 6, 2012

    I heard about this just now, brother. I posted something on my facebook!

    I hope you get EVERYTHING back!