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Thanks for the Memories

31 May

This week we learned of the demise of not one, but two different publications we enjoy here in the Twin Cities. So we have to tip our hats to them and wish them luck.

Switchblade Comb

Switchblade Comb showed up online the same year as we did (2007) and had a healthy focus not only on music, but also film, comedy, and video games. We counted on them to see what interesting indie films were showing around town, and looked forward to drunken posts and snarky reviews – in the best way, of course.

So we raise a farewell glass to Mojo Marshall, Richard Gill, The Joe, Kat, Gaurk, Andrew Cross, MP Johnson, Radish, Lex Tron, Jason Lynn Mitchell, Rolocop & Toddd.  Good luck party people!


Rift Magazine

Rich Horton’s been working his butt off for eight years on Rift. There used to be a print paper, then it was just online, and now it’s gone. Horton’s not abandoning the arts by any means, working on booking art and music at the Coffee Shop NE, and Johnstock (this weekend!). He’ll also be starting something new called The Ideas Project, launching later this year.

We offer a tip of the hat to Rich and all those who’ve worked with Rift over the years. Thanks for all the great info and good luck!

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