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Next at the Cake Shop, Z E T I

10 Apr is happy to announce our next house show at The Cake Shop! On Saturday, April 28th at 6:00pm we will host the lovely and talented Z E T I. Who is Z E T I, you might ask? Why, only the floor-stomping, accordion and xylophone-wrangling, funny-as-hell and super talented Margaret Dearden, who once upon a time went under the moniker Pezzettino and is responsible for kicking off this whole Cake Shop thing we’ve been doing here. Z E T I has been a busy bee recently, moving to Brooklyn, recording new material and releasing an EP and an iPhone game, with all proceeds benefiting the Sweet Water Foundation, promoting experiential education via aquaponics. So, if you want to see something new, remember Margaret’s past projects or just like what we’ve been doing with the Cake Shop house shows, book your spot for Z E T I and come share an early Saturday evening with us.

This concert will be limited in capacity, so reserve your space today. Ticket cost is $10, and to reserve space, please log into PayPal and send your payment to Please mark your payment as a “GIFT” in order to avoid PayPal fees. This is money going to the artists, so please don’t short-change them! Your reservation to this special show is confirmed ONLY when you receive an email both confirming your payment and giving you the house address. This email must come from and NOT Paypal (so make sure to check your spam filter). Guests are invited to bring a beverage of their choice to enjoy.

When: Saturday, April 28th, 2012
Time: 6:00 pm
Where: The Cake Shop, location upon RSVP
How much: $10 reservations

The Cake Shop is dedicated to providing artists and audiences with a unique and intimate experience that allows artists to freely experiment with new material. Shows at the Cake Shop directly financially support the musicians playing. Previous performances include Spirits of the Red City, Dark Dark Dark and Elephant Micah, Pezzettino, Roma Di Luna, Jeremy Messersmith, The Pines, Ben Kyle & Carrie Rodriguez, We Are The Willows (Peter Miller), Haley Bonar and Chastity Brown. is dedicated to covering and supporting culture issues of importance to the Twin Cities- local music, art, fashion and theater as well as national acts. After all, we do live here.

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