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Mark Mallman Discography

6 Mar

Ladies & gentlemen, this arrived in our inboxes today: the entirety of Mark Mallman‘s discography in one 5 hour, 45 minute YouTube video. Take in that thought for a minute and then just be unsurprised that this came from a guy who has put on 72-hour marathon live shows and also be happy that it’s here. The video goes backwards through the discography, so hop on the way back machine and take a wild-eyed, piano-banging ride through the romantic and acerbic of Minneapolis in song. You can always play a Mallman roulette and see what you get with clicking on the timeline, or two our personal favorites, “Substances” are “True Love” are at 1:00:31 and 1:51:48, respectively. Rock on, Mallman, rock on.

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