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Wheel Sexy Cabaret

18 Feb

Since winter has been especially kind to cyclists this season, some cyclists are paying it forward with a gift of their own: burlesque. In that vein, here’s the latest in an occasional series of posts highlighting local Kickstarter projects we love, tipping a helmet to Wheel Sexy Cabaret, a burlesque event by the bike community (but anyone is welcome) at the Bryant-Lake Bowl March 1, 8 & 9.

Spearheaded by local cyclists, theater artists and community facilitators Au NaturElle (Elle Thoni) and Retro Spectacle (Amber Davis) and developed with community participation from seasoned burlesque performers, cycling enthusiasts and the errant boy-lesquer, it’s hard to imagine anything more that we DIY love about MPLS – they’ll even have live music! Wheel Sexy is already sponsored by Smitten Kitten, the Hub Bike Co-op and Calhoun Cycle, but head over to their Kickstarter page to get in on the action, The goal is only $500 in 10 days, but it goes to help pay performers and c’mon, those pasties and chain grease don’t buy themselves. Also, there’s apparently a guy out to shut them down, so don’t let that happen, freedom riders!

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