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Caroline Smith and Jesse Schuster at the Cake Shop

27 Jan

In our lifetimes, we can do lots of things with our time and money; there are always baubles and trinkets to buy, trips to take and meals to eat and these can all be wonderful things. Even so, we feel that one of the best things that we can do with our time and money is to seek out meaningful experiences together and with the Cake Shop shows we host, we aim to do just that. By providing an open space for artists come and play for a select audience, we aim to help musicians get paid for doing what they do and to provide an inimitably intimate experience for music to bring people together. It’s also totally selfish of us, because we get our favorite acts right in our own living room.

For our first Cake Shop show of 2012, we had our first ever returning act, with Caroline Smith and Jesse Schuster of the Good Night Sleeps gracing our living room. After spending the last 10 days in Detroit Lakes writing material for a new record (“Maybe fall?” Caroline joked, “We have no idea.”) the duo were brimming with friendly repartee and took chatty questions from the audiences over both shows. Playing tunes from both their records, 2011’s Little Wind and 2008’s Backyard Tent Set, they also tried out some new material that was very well received; a poetic riff on Annie Hall and what Caroline described as her first attempt to write a soul song. They also covered Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me”, which they have been doing at shows for about a year now. Caroline described the feeling of seeing Bon Iver sing the tune on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, declaring with indignation, “Justin Vernon, do you have to win everything?” In response, an audience member called out, “I still prefer yours!”

Saving the last few songs of the set for audience requests, there was a wide mix of unreleased songs and rarities called out, along with some of their more popular and well known songs like “Closing the Doors”. At the early show, this also resulted in a building singalong to the chorus of “Eagles Nest” and as the warm wood in the room reverberated with voices coming together, there was a mutual understanding, to make the most of our time and money, we should welcome together the necessary beauty of song.


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