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Video Roundup

11 Jan

It’s been a good week for music videos from local bands, and here you go! We’ve watched them, as the saying goes, so you don’t have to. But you really should, if only for the music. And so that you can imagine RoboCop in all of them.

Poliça – “Lay Out Your Cards”

This lovely, flitting, quietly psychedelic video fits Poliça’s sound to a T and could really only be made better if halfway through, in a burst of smoke and autotune, Channy re-appeared as RoboCop and blew Mike Noyce away for the murder of her partner in a drug bust gone wrong. If only you had that skill. The ability to see through walls and identify potentially dangerous enemies is going to come in handy for you when you try to break in to First Ave for their sold-out Current birthday party show on the 28th.

Phantom Tails – “Dressed Wounds”

Speaking of quality apocalyptic flashbacks from the 80s, Phantom Tails treats us not so much to a music video as channel surf through the best of end-of-days from our childhood, ending, fittingly, with RoboCop’s inane TV show tagline, “I’d buy that for a dollar!” iTunes, anyone? Catch PT with Fort Wilson Riot & Hevy Syrup at Hell’s Kitchen on Thursday at 10pm.

Prof – Gampo

Hey America, get stupid! Prof gets silly onscreen to go along with his silly enough tune, “Gampo”. Again, a RoboCop suit would have really made this video, especially since we’ve already got a whole series of flashbacks and vignettes, including Sally Jesse Raphael going on here. Peter Weller was the father, just so you know. Download the whole record for free at Prof’s Bandcamp page.

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