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A Slice of 2011

26 Dec

It is the end of the year and to mark the passing, we’ve compiled a slice of some of our top CakeIn15 posts. That means some of our most commented and most shared posts as well as some that were really just fun to write. We hope you have enjoyed what we’ve been able to bring you, and we look forward to serving it up even more in 2012.


Max Lohrbach with accessories by Bionic Unicorn and Pink Mink behind

Beirut: “Beirut is a band that fills a room not because they are wild showmen like Gogol Bordello or have the gritty weariness of DeVotchKa, but because Condon’s orchestration, and the musicians he gets to perform with him, feel like a dreamy wanderlust, a bygone courtesy and a stumbled-upon love note.”

St. Vincent at the Walker: “Clark giggled, and we in the audience ate it right up, “I like your spirit Minneapolis. I’ve always liked your spirit.””

Paul Simon: “Simon hasn’t stood still in his time here, and neither should we.”

Voltage 2011: “Strength like that doesn’t pop up overnight and if things are going to change for the fashion industry here in Minnesota, the foundation and momentum of Voltage is a huge gift.”

SXSW coverage from Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Part I & Part II & Saturday: ““I haven’t done this song in five years,” Cecil joked, “And I was like, lets do it. Just throw some Budweiser on it.” If that’s not the South by Southwest spirit, I don’t know what is.”

Chapel Club: ““We’re a very nervous, self-conscious band. I probably shouldn’t admit that. I’m drunk.””


Little Man photo by Emily Utne, Styling by UpSix.

Aloha Dustin Thomas: “If there is anything short of catastrophe that could get people on the same page, it’s gotta be music.”

Oriel: “When you’re not working with other people in a studio and you have your space, you have so much more freedom to experiment and try things and think outside the box.”

Tristen: “…I’m interested in people saying something. I might be the minority in that respect.”

Even If We Never Look Forward: “Making less art. Not kidding. Like really, taking time to make, stop putting a show out because you want to do five a year. That’s a really sassy answer.”

Dan Israel: “Wow. Best question I’ve ever been asked, possibly. No, seriously, kudos!”

Little Man: “…[W]ith this album at this point, I’m up for working my ass off to try and pay for it. I did, but I’m in debt, you know?”

No Bird Sing: “I think the number one thing and one of the things I am going to take on as a personal quest for myself is to use my platform for the greater good.”

Das Racist: “TED: SUCK MY DICK!”


New York City, September 2001

John Lennon: ““Love is the answer, and you know that for sure.” That’s a wild idea for a kid to get into his head. I didn’t even know that John was dead then. I know that now. I know that his body is gone. I know that his songs live on.”

Occupy August Wilson: “What is good to know that the conflict and ambiguity of moments of change, which theatre lets us explore in a systematic way, remain omnipresent and are not to be feared.”

September 11, 2001: “Today I think about how it changed our country. How we live in fear, with crazy body scanners at our airports & red, orange & yellow warning levels. How people of a peaceful religion were changed & made out to be some horrible monsters trying to kill us all.”

OK Go & the Muppets: “…[D]ribbling out of the unenthused mouths of OK Go, it just becomes self-fulfilling: “Why do we always come here? I guess we’ll never know. It’s like a kind of torture to have to watch this show.””

Czeslaw’s Loop: “So if the conceit goes away, the show was free to be it’s own thing; a group of serious-looking hipsters standing on a rickety dock staring at an excellent drumline performing with dance party projections and electronic loops on a pontoon under a re-purposed McDonald’s billboard held up by 2x4s as brittle and bowed as fish ribs.”

Save the Southern: “In the end, we can’t be petty and say, “Well, it serves them right”, just to prove a capitalist, free-market point. As others have pointed out, if the Southern were a bank, it would have gotten a bailout, and the process of making art is not a solely an economic function…”

1001 Chairs: “Because we are all in the total animal soup, and it is our time.”


Wandering Stars: “…if you hit play on both videos simultaneously, you get POLIÇA IN STEREO!”

Espresso Showdown: “Give me my espresso concentrated and explosive, and I’ll go to bat for that any day.”

White House Correspondent’s Dinner: “Ryan wasn’t in attendance, Obama explained, because “his budget has no room for laughter.””

“Whirring” and the Foo Fighters: “In the end, I just like the positivity shown by Grohl in throwing that initial tweet out there. Even @joyformidable’s response was perfect: “Thanks Dave. Means a lot.””

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