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Wandering Stars

8 Dec

A couple days ago, both The Current and Radio K dropped live in-studio videos of Poliça performing “Wandering Star”, which is understandable, given the huge buzz around the band and that it’s a really compelling, beautiful tune. You know what the best part about it all is, though? Since all the great human playing rides on top of the loops Ryan Olson programmed, if you hit play on both videos simultaneously, you get POLIÇA IN STEREO! Hell, if you let the in-studio videos roll for about 21 seconds and then press play on this fan video from Schubas in Chicago, you can get it three ways at once, but the live video really does lower the sound quality.

Of the two in-studios, The Current does manage to capture more of the auto-tuned flutters in Channy’s vocals, but Chris Bierden’s wink to the camera at the end of the Radio K vid might just seal the deal. Either way, both of them needed more of the bass in the mix, in our opinion, but that they both exist for us to play around with like this, well that’s just perfect for our Thursday night fun. We even played them through with one lagging a couple bars behind the other and you get a nice call-and-response of Poliça that’s pleasantly trippy. If only they would sync up to The Wizard of Oz, we’d have a party on our hands.

A joke about the Gemini constellation might be appropriate here, but Dessa‘s probably got that astrological metaphor locked down for 2011. Catch Poliça with Solid Gold at the Turf Club tomorrow night for what’s listed as their last local show before their Valentine’s Day record release for Give You The Ghost, which we wait for with bated, pulsing, breath.

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  1. Polica | Cake In 15 - February 15, 2012

    […] Part of this blanket comes from the level of talent onstage underpinned by Olson and his beats providing a metronomic stability that is both entrancing and comforting. Ivascu and Christopherson are both top-shelf drummers in a city full of talent whose precision and ability to magnify a beat from danceable to fundamental is a joy to behold. Bierden’s fluid elasticity along the neck of a bass is magnified by his full-bodied, closed-eyed enjoyment of making music. Yes, Leaneagh writes a lot of the material; yes, the spotlight is on her; yes she sings and dances, but it is also in a totally different context than her previous work. The elements of Poliça wrap around her so that the pressure, is, in a sense, off, whereas in other context where her gorgeously unique voice had to carry the moment, the pressure was definitely on. In Poliça, the lines are polished, confident and presentational and as much as the songs are about vulnerability and loss, they are built around a sameness that makes them a performance, albeit a stellar one. (This is the point we were trying to make a few months ago with a blog post about the dual live videos for “Wandering Star”.) […]

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