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Dan Huiting and take City Of Music to Pitchfork – which is rad.

11 Nov

Our good buddy, friend, confidant, associate, chum, pal, music-scenester & all around talented dude Dan Huiting put Minneapolis on the map again with all those little hipster kiddos who read the P-fork on a daily basis.

DH brought along his kick-ass pals and their series City Of Music, which has been something we’ve been lucky to horde for ourselves for the past couple of years. Of course the trend-makers got wind that we had something more amazing than they had and they wanted in. After some hemming and hawing Huiting and gave in and said “Finnnnnneeeeee.” The world cheered. Minneapolis claimed them and said “represent!”

So here’s the first of many, many City of Music videos on Pitchfork made by Minneapolitans!

..and then there’s our fav series:

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