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Wednesday Morning Video Thoughts

9 Nov

Whilst browsing through Facebook this morning, this sad, sober but forward-looking post from No Bird Sing popped up in the news feed:

“For Micheal Larsen’s birthday, tell someone about his music. Eyedea and Abilities, Face Candy, Oliver Hart, his solo material. They’ll thank you, and we can make the world a more empathetic place by promoting an artist who shared his pain with the world so the world could better understand and accept their own pain.

I love you, Mike. Thank you for the support and encouragement you gave when you were here. I’ve taken every day since you left as an opportunity to grow. All in your honor, friend.”

Through that lens, here are a couple videos which also turned up in the news-grinder today that seemed a fitting tribute and expression. Tom Waits‘ with his bad-ass defiance in the end of days, and then Brother Ali guesting on Canadian rapper Classified‘s new track, where he includes the line, “Eyedea won every battle, we should have built him a statue.” To cap it off, E&A’s own “Smile”, an honest song which should last longer than any artificial statuary.

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