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Candles on the Cake: P2C, Hollerado, Occupy Together, Grand Hallway

21 Oct

Happy Friday everyone. Here’s a quick slice of what we’ve been enjoying this week, in between work, plays and getting occupied.

City Pages dropped the annual Picked to Click issue this week, the ritualistic anointing of well connected and/or buzz-y bands with a new title to put on their press releases. This year’s edition was especially heavy on well-established artists in new projects, and so the “Picked to Click Family Tree” put together by CP Music Editor Andrea Swensson is one of those geeky strokes of brilliance that makes navigating the tangled web of local connections a little easier. It could go on out to infinity, and it just might.

When introducing “Good Day At The Races” in the 7th Street Entry a couple weeks ago, Hollerado frontman Menno Versteeg started with a dig at his hometown governance. “We kicked off this tour because the mayor of Toronto is a homophobic douchebag,” he growled before working out a lot of tour van frustration on his beat up Fender. Fortunately for us, all that bite and bark has turned into this giant, catchy tune with a lot of heart and a video with ostrich races. Plus, that hook of “Way down low, but I got somebody to love,” is one hell of an optimistic outlook. For more Canadian awesomeness, check out their Bieber-loving vid for “Fake Drugs” or the one-shot wonder of “AMERICANARAMA“.

Watch live streaming video from occupymn at

As Occupy Wall Street has become Occupy MN and soon enough, Occupy Everything, the writing and visual memes have just exploded. You may have your own (we published on “Occupy August Wilson” earlier in the week) and Alice Walker’s poem for Cornel West, “the joyful news of your arrest” is worth a read, but local actor John Middleton’s article for MNPlaylist felt particularly appropriate about art and business:

“Think like an artist and put money in its place. By all means, keep accurate records, manage your expenses and pay your employees. I don’t want your theater to go out of business because your art demands seventeen fog machines. But remember that it’s right and good and natural for art and business to be adversaries. Nurture that adversarial spirit. Think like an artist. Find a good money guy and make it his job to get the seventeen fog machines without going bankrupt. Kick like hell when he tells you it can’t be done. Think like an artist.”

Finally, and speaking of artists, Seattle band Grand Hallway sent us this video for their lush and lovely track “Winter Creatures”, which may just help ease us into the upcoming cold. The snapshots featured in the video are by local photographer Kristina Perkins and that’s footage from a warehouse dance party in her studio last winter, so there may just be hope for us yet.

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