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MPLS Future Tonight

23 Sep

If you are sitting around in Minneapolis and not quite sure what to do with yourselves tonight, let us offer a couple suggestions for you. Obviously, we brought you an interview with Grieves & Budo yesterday, so if you are looking for a hip-hop show, that’s going to be your bag, and then there are two other options that jump out.

Photo by Agathe Poupeney

Earlier this week in talking about the visa issues at the Cedar, we quoted dancer/choreographer Faustin Linyekula as saying, To be positive is the most subversive. Celebrating is a way of resisting. We are still alive in all of this.” After attending Linyekula’s artist talk/mini-performance at the Walker Art Center last night, we can tell you that Linyekula is an electric dancer, who moves like he is being pushed and pulled by ghosts, with an enormous amount of internal strength and poise. For his new show more more more…future, along with six other dancers, he is backed by Flamme Kapaya, a fleetingly versatile guitarist in the ndombolo style which makes it, as Linyekula puts it and as the Walker blogged earlier, “African Punk Rock“.

Of course, you could always just stick it tonight out at the Cedar, where CakeIn15 favorites Peter Wolf Crier are releasing their Jagjaguwar follow-up Garden of Arms to the masses. The ever-entrancing Mystery Palace open, and C15 will catch up with PWC at Schuba’s in Chicago tomorrow night, so look for that in the weekend getaway re-cap. Also for your edification now and since we’re on a Tiny Desk Concert kick, here’s Peter and Brian doing some tunes for NPR last summer.

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